kNOWledge is the poWEr

Changing World

Forgotten America

Where are you true America, where are heroes, who have defined history; where are authentic landlords, who had their rights taken away and become slaves of their own land?
English colonization took over almost 80% of this world. Some could ask, how is it possible for so little island to drive into such powerful direction. It was SYSTEM, it was a plan, which continuously got perfected, so it could be accomplished, like Japanese Samurai, Sparta’s warriors or Roman soldiers…
Where are you true America, where land used to be so pure and untouched, where people were living in peace with nature and where birds were singing songs of freedom.
This freedom was taken away from you long, long time ago and although inhabitants, those born and those who came from far lands, claim they protect their rights, freedom and new life – they are wrong.
Nothing can be built on blood of past, nothing can be built on echoes of suffering, unless we return it to those who own it….
Where are you true America? You are hiding in shadows of dehumanized actions of aggressors, who say they defend you; you are hiding in homes of those who are scared to come out, because they live unlawfully in the land of immigrants; you are hiding in voices of those who claim to be Americans and don’t understand a little bit of what it means; you are hiding in uncontrollable consumerism….
When your soul core was established in shape of constitution, it now remains as nothing – not even close to what founding fathers dreams and future thoughts were painting…
You took wrong turn America, you can not trace anymore your own past, living only your future, you don’t have.
You chose to ask those who were here to leave or be killed, you asked to follow wrong choices on every step of the way, you don’t hesitate to take it further. You don’t learn your own history. You only learn how to destroy it.
Everything around is showing you that you won’t last. Many tragic things are happening at your cost, many people are dying abroad to protect you, many of your residents don’t find good life in your own corners…
You lost your direction, your priorities, following utopia which is a fake vision, you become disgusting object of world conversation, you become a joke.
And, although power of suggestion may be still effective, it’s a matter of time for you America to go back to your roots where you have to rediscover own image again. Will you find yourself?

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