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Should America be called United States or rather Departed States?

“The law is explicitly clear:  If the state doesn’t want to build an exchange, the feds will step in and build one for them. It’s still a state exchange.  They just outsourced it”.
Well, well….with all the things going out of the cloud, Americans face yet another challenge ahead: Obama care. Issue of nationalized medical insurance has reached new heights and with all possible ‘for’ and ‘against’ claims, it seems there is even bigger business behind, to bury alive this fragile creation. While media getting heat up about the whole ordeal, something else, as usual takes place, behind the scenes.
Could it be another financial collapse or maybe new war?  With all the present civilization destroying this planet and consequently us attempts,  Obama care  seems to be the least worry we have on our plate – contrary it may become a symbol of all humanity headaches altogether.
And as laws of United States were created on base of founding fathers writings, seems like same laws are giving choking sensation to everyone involved. Best laugh yet, most of these laws are so outdated, that rest of the world holds itself in disbelief of how federalized states try to sustain paradox of own existence. Do we have federal laws overtaking states laws or maybe states start running own agenda as separate little entities?
There seems to be a huge confusion about what Constitution of once great nation is about vs. all the amendments added to it to correct what creators of the country tried to warn about in first place. America of rather Falling States system tries to protect its own good name. But what good name does it try to protect and how? By going to another war? Or maybe killing of softly middle class?  There could be another option, as states are drifting apart from each other, America may soon find out, there is no foundation of country once created to welcome all other nations.
While we are concentrating on Obama care or another ruling in Hobby Lobby  case, this process starts to take its course. America is so entwined in all the smaller and bigger events, it looses its ground on basic rules of self-survival. History usually justifies these things quite accurately, it also doesn’t wait for those who don’t understand and embrace historical lessons. …Just another reminder, only a nation can make a difference in creating or destroying our own future….
So there is also big run around discussion, of whether United States of America is a monarchy now versus Republic. Before there was a discussion if America might be on path to socialism state, although strong and bloodthirsty capitalism makes firm statement every day with its shark like appearance.
So same exact Joe seats most of his groundhog life in front of TV, in complete state of confusion and disbelief, trying to grasp (between grasping King Burger or ‘super size me’ bag of chips) does “land of opportunities” indeed have a President, King or maybe General of Socialist Republic.
Still there is a chance, King Burger might be loaded with some fatty propaganda, telling us that Constitution was once written, but it’s now sort of Palaeozoic reminiscence and that bunch of kangaroos are running around being entertained by soon to be extinct lemur.
In reference:
Facing hard facts, Americans have to embrace for another pocket payout for all the years of global war America is involved in.
There are subtle ways of forcing people to purchase certain services, which pay back for elite’s expenses. Obviously, those who created and approved law, would never pay the bill. This is you, average Joe, who needs to fork out this amount, either you can afford it or not….

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