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                                                   “Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers”   – Aristotle
In the current light of immigration debate over fate of millions of immigrants hoping against all odds for lawful residence in US, there is lurking suspicion, that regulations are just created to keep them illegal, so attempt of believers of fair process of being admitted to US is simply destined for failure.
In one of the most interesting publications of Motomura Hiroshi, Americans in Waiting, The lost story of Immigration and Citizenship in the United States, Ofxord University Press 2006, we can follow-up with major paradox of Land of Promise to many….
“…As the most recent unsuccessful attempt by the US Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform reminds us, the question of how to regulate immigration and citizenship remains far from settled. The US population currently includes more than 35 million foreign-born people. Political debates have lately focused on the contentious matter of regularization for the country’s more than 12 million undocumented migrants. Yet, recent legislative changes have also targeted the legal status of millions of other “lawful immigrants.”  Particularly after the passage of restrictions legislation in 1996, permanent residents and other lawful immigrants can be subjected to deportation if they are convicted of a minor crime.  Although lawful immigrants pay taxes, they do not have the right to vote and their eligibility for public benefits, such as Medicare, is not constitutionally protected (in comparison to those who can sustain on welfare being fully capable of putting themselves in workforce red.). The matter of when and how non-citizens become part of the national community has dramatic practical importance, but the way in which law draws a line between citizens and noncitizens “often does not match up” with the lived experience of individuals and families who reside legally within the US, but who are not US citizens..”
Apart from heated, lasting already decades or I should say the beginning of forming this country, discussion who deserves to be here and who is not, we all can feel there is significant silence before the storm. And the storm aims to be huge with passing time…
In another article published by The Guardian, touching the sensitive subject, we can find out that:
 ‘US immigration laws bow to the bigots and the opportunists’ (title)
Laws in Arizona and Alabama have given bigots with badges a license to go after Latinos and the poor.
America’s standard of living (sadly) is dependent on exploiting cheap, foreign labour, much of which is undocumented. Photograph: Mario Tama/Getty Images
 While travelling along the US-Mexican border, from Brownsville to San Diego, I met a man in New Mexico who went by the name of Quasimodo who claimed he “could tell an ‘illegal’ by looking at them”. I found this doubtful, and so asked Quasimodo, one of the Minutemen, an anti-immigrant vigilante group how. “It’s like wild dog versus tame dog. They just don’t have the same kind of look.”
Preposterous as Quasimodo’s claim may sound, this crude and offensive rule of thumb has, in many states, become the rule of law. Legislation in Alabama, Arizona and elsewhere gives police the right to check the immigration status of those they ‘suspect’ of being undocumented.
This has effectively given bigots with badges a license to go hunting with impunity for “wild dogs”. Earlier this week a Justice Department investigation into Maricopa County, Arizona (which includes Phoenix) found the sheriff’s department conducting raids against illegal immigrants because “dark-skinned” people speaking Spanish were reported congregating in an area.
How safe are then people who already claim their right to be here? Well, definitely in both mentioned states, they can fear many unpredictable situations.
 So what really constitutes right to live in US, either legally or not, is it the likelihood of “right” color of the skin?, specific nationality?, as supported by statement of:
In a written ruling earlier this week,  blocking part of Alabama’s law designed to evict undocumented people from their mobile homes, federal judge Myron Thompson, found substantial evidence that “the term illegal immigrant was just a racially discriminatory code for Hispanics” (can we now support our statements by claiming racism?), lack of crime and individual good behaviour (defined exactly by what standards?) or maybe twisted laws passed in i.e California, securing the feeling of being able to study, even when not being able to be present in the country, quiet approval of other states which are more liberal towards immigration rules?….That’s when simple laws become very complicated and they simply are every lawful US resident nightmare of paradoxes.In same article we can come across statements like:
The 22-page report came just a few days after the supreme court agreed to hear challenges to the constitutionality of Arizona’s law. The decision will have widespread ramifications for a range of anti-immigrant statutes across the country. Given the political complexion of the court there’s no saying how they will rule. Either way, the reality of how these laws are applied and experienced are clear.
When it comes to the push against immigration in the US, two things should be made clear. First of all, it is not in truth a push against immigrants per se but against poor foreigners.
The US has no problem with wealthy outsiders. A rare example of bipartisan legislation recently was the Visit USA Act, by Democrat Charles Schumer and Republican Mike Lee, which sought to fast-track visas for foreigners spending $500,000 on property. It would allow them and their families to live in America for as long as they owned their homes, but not to work or claim federal benefits. It’s unlikely to become law; but it’s also unlikely to be controversial either.
“This is intentional. I once suggested to a minutemen running for office that there was no way the US could deport all the undocumented immigrants. “We don’t need to deport them,” he explained. “All we have to do is enforce our employment laws and pretty soon they won’t be able to get a job and will self-deport.” So the border ceases to be a just a physical entity and is reproduced in all aspects of American life. The paradox is that the experience of these laws shows that while America’s conservative politics are dependent on nativist rhetoric its standard of living is dependent on exploiting cheap, foreign labour, much of which is undocumented. Finally we have to come to conclusion derived from all aspects of real life experiences: to be able to stay here unlawfully any person with illegal status, in spite of laws created in US, should know that if they rich and can support US economy, if they can meet quotas of population where Americans (by birth or naturalized and lawful residents) refuse to work in certain job sectors or finally if someone may have a margin of chances not to be recognized as ‘with typical illegal type of look’, then the life bet would be that US is quite a welcome land filled with prospect far or close future opportunities for those who strive enough hard to accomplish their dream.
With Alabama law being reviewed under pressure of state finding itself loosing billions of dollars as consequence of becoming hostile environment for undocumented and other immigration laws placed under the loop we can ONLY hope that all the proceedings have fair justification and in consequence policy of who is welcomed in ‘land of free’.
As Europe is trying to push away with its hands and legs idea of war, Russia and US are simply embracing it.
Russia, on one hand, is claiming, it only sends humanitarian help everywhere it can, sometimes accompanied by ‘green people’. last media updates ensured public that apparently they are not space creatures. Another time, in spite of public observations, it claims, it didn’t invade anyone, sending dozens of military jets flying all around and grabbing persistently next lands.
Meantime US administration is exclaiming that it’s doing ‘world clean up’, sending drones and other flying ‘toys’ or sometimes ground troops to execute the orders. Few weeks ago the biggest danger was one group,  but Americans now are hearing there is another one and another, popping everywhere like mushrooms after rain, so 99% of population is absolutely confused with newest updates and what groups are involved, while European nations answer to this call differently.
Some, like Brits say clearly “bloody no”, some others, like German “in keinem Fall”, finally there are Poles or Romanians, who even haven’t noticed yet, they take part in some “widely engaged world crisis”. Of course US has no international agreement to initiate this type of air attacks, but who cares, if some war zombies have good fun and decent pocket-money.
American public gets disoriented. So who are we exactly trying to protect ourselves from?
Maybe it’s about some folks who are running around or making videos with knifes and cut people heads off or maybe they are green aliens like the ones in east Ukraine, wait!, could it be these guys from, you know, North Korea?
Everything is possible, the most possible scenario: Russia is taking chunks of new lands little by little, stultifying masses with disarming sincerity, which indeed is called a lie. It moves forward to set new world order and it’s pushing everyone to their painful limits.
Meantime, America of course doesn’t want to stay behind it must show, it is capable to defend all of us, either we want it or not and that red alert is global, so on every corner there must be some fellow waiting to finish his mission and finish all of us. Later on, we may worry about climate change and all this ‘insignificant’ stuff, but first is first.
World couldn’t be in more mess, then it is now, but there is always a room for more bureaucracy, empty promises and falling leaders. It’s like cooking in the kitchen and setting everything on fire. Hell of a lot actions which would never get reversed…

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