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Faith and Religion as Fiction

 Human systems made us believe in things which can not be verified, yet they are instilled in our minds. It is easier and more manageable to believe, either it is belief of God or anything which can supposedly explain our existence. It also takes away from us responsibility for our own lives.
These discussions have no end, but they are needed to move on and have open mind about things. History created many mystifications and people living before us could manipulate reality at any given time. We don’t have guarantees what is actual and what is not.
As long as we exist we will always look for the answers. The most important is to respect everyone’s vision and not to impose on others your own.
                                         “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it

 In terms of one’s belief, religion and spiritual life is highly required. Why? Simply because it is easier to explain world we live in and spiritual conditioning in our lives. Secondary, spiritual life makes us reach in terms of emotions and compassionate approach to life altogether.
But what if we discovered soon (some claims it is a fact), that religion, like politics and any other systems existing in this world are pure fiction? More and more humans go even further with this statement, claiming that our very existence is a pure illusion….
God and Humans
Human brain to take this as an absolute truth, would have to shift paradigm and revolutionize its own perception of reality. For some it is simply too much, for others it has been reality throughout their lives.
More and more civilization advancements mean also, we will be prone to discover that what once appeared to be “true statement”, it’s not anymore.
So for faith and spiritualism deniers it seems to be a very clear understanding: No God no religion, for God believers and spiritualists this means perplexity in grasping idea of higher powers absence.
What could it mean for humanity? In current stage of interpreting our existence, it is simply non-bearable. Something would have to be replaced with something else.
To see no purpose or ‘accidentality’ of our beings, is most likely the biggest blow to human ego and mind perception. If we are just nano-particles which happen in Universe, it could mean no targeted life, some sort of form which transfers endlessly in energy quantum scheme and it simply means nothing else than life form versus dead matter.
Below, article represents still not too popular or accepted point of view, which refers to more common theories or established thesis of no God’s presence, therefore absolute futility of religion.

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