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Illusion of Voting

Democracy is a Joke…
“…it doesn’t matter who votes – what matters is who counts the votes”
Just to prove the point I have made over week ago, when commenting about continuous political voting scams: as Poland has voted last Sunday (current left-wing coalition is not in favor) it appeared that first shown winning results finally belong to opposition (right-wing coalition). Not for long. There is old saying: “Only because you vote for X party, it doesn’t mean it will win”.
I stated many times, that I don’t believe in voting process (nor I would discourage anyone to vote), because whoever SUPPOSE to win, they surely will, regardless of how voters actually vote. Ironically Poland’s political system made complete idiots out of voters, creating confusing information and providing manipulated estimates that voters made many mistakes in filling the ballots.
What does it mean? The very next day, those who went to voting booths, have found out that:
Poland before acquiring truth in vote procedure:
1. Central Bureau of Voting System has made magic “mistakes” and all electronic votes are not valid anymore. This is situation after official announcement that opposition party (right-wing) has won.
2. From this point Polish public finds out that all votes would be counted “by hand” (good luck with that) and electronic system is a failure. Instantly and miraculously voting electronic system got in trouble because of  suspected internet hacking.
3. Public still doesn’t know final outcome 3 days later, but first local voting offices provide initial media-fed information, that currently left-wing coalition(surprise?) is winning.
It is sort of like “Al Gore is winning, oh wait, George Bush is winning!”
4. They are first protests on streets and internet is buzzing with comments about the idiocracy of political situation.No democracy in the country, which previously for last 25 years somehow has managed voting system properly (when left wing coalition was ‘winning’). Politics are becoming again major subject of comic performances.
5. First protesters are called by media ‘hooligans’ (read: people who try to protest this grotesque) and there is huge propaganda for not repeating voting in whole country as this is supposedly unconstitutional (of course, right?).
6. New political unions between parties are created as some smaller political fractions themselves simply can not agree with this political joke.
7. Poland’s democracy is righteously questioned and our  (God have Mercy) Prime Minister is silent about whole situation. She is finally called out by right-wing coalition leaders to speak out about democracy crisis.
So going back to first comment in this post. Voting system is a scam and most people, not just in Poland, should never believe in illusion, they decide about anything, as they don’t. Unfortunately it is heartbreak for many patriots and people who believe in some sort of political decency.

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