kNOWledge is the poWEr

Changing World


        “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”       –     Benjamin Franklin
Global economy turbulence is not accidental. It has been meticulously planned for decades by elites. All ups and downs in recent years don’t happen ad-hoc. If you are a good observer, you will notice, many global governments don’t undertake any measures to stop this process. It is designed to end financial era as we know it and introduce to us truly Orwellian scenario of the world, which ultimately suppose to be strictly unified and represent no differences. As for us, we suppose to be a tool, serving this world, the way, everything ticks like in Swiss clock without single discrepancy.
Current world characterizes fear of many nations, which live in extremely uncertain times. Masses don’t wake up enough quickly and IF they do, it is usually  ‘status quo’ that masses don’t grasp ideas introduced from above. So here we are in the irony of times, where everything seems to be so chaotic, most of us would try to reject to go back to peaceful times we used to know. These times however have ended. Every day false peace and false wars are happening, every day false laws and false reality are introduced.
Time has run out in historical clepsydra. Now humanity is facing phantom changes. With technology ahead of us, we can not anymore follow-up with and there are every day events, we simply don’t comprehend.
So as we were existing in the biggest scam of all times, this scam now takes enormous proportions in our existence. From beginning of times, we have lived the illusion given to us by few and by now we didn’t learn one single lesson. So as few know the game very well, they play it accordingly. For most of us changes ahead will be as natural as breath, as Matrix follows. Our conscious freedoms are over and soon enough we face what we so much fear.
Humans gave up their freedoms long time ago, although history is showing examples of fighting for it, very few actually have understood meaning of true freedom. Most of us are subjected to same scheme for ages. Most are programmed the way, there is only sporadic resistance and questioning.

                        On our way to extinction or liberation….
To justify the fear of life (indeed artificially generated) religious, political and other systems known in human history have created a variety of excuses for its own functioning. From the God- creator, who punishes or rewards to explained miserably by governments of this world craft of terrorist attacks- all aim to clarify the current state of affairs.
And a current state of affairs is nothing but a global human mass, which in fear of existence itself is falling into paranoia of faith in present justifications.
Psychological mechanisms, known for long time, show that the human mind is extremely susceptible to the information coming from outside, rarely analyzing it.
School and other systems developed are primarily designed to “brainwash”  in avoidance of critical thinking, consequently create whole nations of idiots, being easily led.In this way it is extremely easy to control each individual (by those who have hunger of control), using the emotional aspect by instilling fear and uncertainty, determinism faith in the present state of things (so as well supposedly unanswerable matters), and finally refine the wording, which can deeply root into  long term memory as well as emotional memory (without consciously reproduced facts, emotional memory has task of encoding factors that affect the former experiences, particularly during early childhood and fetal life).We live in a world of complex paradox (acceptance of human wrong doings, insanity of wars as a state of normality, etc.), lack of comprehension and understanding of factual events.
In other words: based just strictly on faith, conjecture, or unsupported by facts sediments, we rationalize everything what mind can not explain objectively.As a result the global population is beguiled, confused and manipulated VERY EFFECTIVELY by mass communication streams (in previous centuries this could have been the influence of a church or conjured treatments of ‘influential’ people and finally mass media), where lie easily becomes the “obvious truth” and the devastating acts of human race find support in so-called ‘justification’ of defending human rights.We obviously do not need here countless examples of mankind actions..Do we?Consistently reality in which we live is UTOPIAN, although the majority of the population of the Earth seems to treat it as conditioned reality.If humans have- so far- never asked themselves questions like: why do we feel not happy in present time (objectively, not subjectively) or why wars are constantly justified by us or why do we live in a constant state of uncertainty about our future, this definitely means that mankind may need to survive the next thousands of years to evolve enough significantly, until we recognize that the reality in which humanity is currently operating is simply unacceptable.Until then, self-destruction is the most probable scenario, and if we magically prevent it: we need to search for answers to eternal questions of human existence itself as:
Why am I here? What is the purpose of this existence (if at all, existence has purpose itself), or should reality be explained through the prism of faith or the prism of analysis, how far the evolution of the mind can reach – whether it has some limits or not?, or can people presenting current behavior, survive at all?It’s endless odyssey of self exploration. But you can not forget about something that all systems are trying to eradicate in us: that in our lives we are unity, that we are biologically and abstractly related to one another and at many levels at which we still do not have knowledge of. That if one element is dysfunctional, then all the others are too.

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