kNOWledge is the poWEr

Changing World


 “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind”      –    John F. Kennedy
 While Ukraine-Russia conflict heaves bigger circles, this may be coming to abrupt spin out of control. NATO’s position in it is to step out of Ukraine membership arrangement and Slovakia PM  Robert Fico, based on supposedly confirmed resources, warns about threat, which goes well beyond of Ukrainian borders.
As Ukrainian president Poroshenko has indicated, giving speech in  American Congress some time ago, whole situation is coming to indefinite halt.
(quote) “Recently Poroshenko has made decision worth of Russian tactics. Same could be done in many different ways, while hybrid war, as many call, takes place…President of Ukraine has announced decree, which isolates Donbas region economically. All Ukrainian banks, institutions which pay out retirement benefits or customs have to move away from this region. It is fox-like move in response to Putin’s quiet annexation of this region. Separatists are loudly opposing this idea. This way Ukrainian president cuts off Kiev sources of financing them and limits their chance of receiving any financial help from sanctioned Russia. It is huge blow to Moscow operations in Ukrainian territory and it has already caused vivid reaction in Kremlin.All circumstances are a consequence of also rapidly falling Ukrainian economy and it’s simply a desperate Kiev’s move as Ukraine is tumbling down. But spirit of people is not and this is far more important than economics.
Meantime Lithuania decides about providing military support for Ukrainians. Left out completely by West, Ukraine is a geographical buffer between Russia and the rest of the world. West is too scared to lose economic ties with Russia, but more advisable would be to find another business partner instead of shedding tears over whole ordeal.”
West could also use these  “sophisticated” tactics, fighting the enemy with its own weapons.
How? For the sake of it, it could as well send “green people” just to claim they are there to protect Western minorities. It could send all military equipment and set up land zone, claiming it is for purposes of humanitarian action. Finally it could run questionable referendum among local people to establish new identity of chosen territory. They are many ways to play Putin’s game and surely, in such historical hypocrisy conditions, all tactics are allowed.
Yet, there is another lesson to be learned, as we are prone to easily repeat same mistakes all over again…
To avoid them is finding solutions. Global community simple waits. Waits for what?
Ukrainian president Poroshenko had compelling speech in US Congress. He even got standing ovation like in times of Roman festivities. He has tried his best to convince America that he can not fight “only with blankets” and that if Ukrainian freedom is being compromised, so the whole world is also.
Yet, in the midst of world war and certain power shifts, he stands absolutely alone. While his young soldiers and many civilians are dying, world is deaf. Many European and other democracies are in danger, but decision of not supplying lethal weapon to Ukrainian army will surely have long term consequences. Yes, Ukraine- like any other country is not able to defend itself forever. But unfortunately for Ukraine, country doesn’t have oil or natural resources, which would become a reason for international intervention.

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