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The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis
– Dante Alighieri
There is lots of suspicion that NATO project of immediate action in case of Russian aggression in any of NATO members countries is not going to take place. Although there is explanation of “economical hardship”, according to Gen. Polko it is rather a matter of pseudo-political lack of willingness to step into European territory full defense.
According to general it is simply “a joke”, what NATO gives as explanation in case of Russian aggression fact, in countries like Poland. He also claims, that some other countries don’t even view Russian invasion as it is.
If there is a problem to create 5,000 soldier army to respond to Russia, there is huge doubt NATO would consider any intervention when things get really ugly. According to NATO full preparedness of 5-6,000 army would happen no earlier than in 2016.
Good luck with this one.

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