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Russian War Preparations

Updated article from March 2014
Crimea plan was well thought through, as first step of Russia expansion and it was long term plan to which West and rest of the world would find itself completely helpless (…) West is usually concentrated on money power, while Russia has been always concentrated on influence. Denial and ignorance of West to recognize it will have dire consequences for all of us.
Escalation of Russian Expansion:
February 2014: End of Winter Olympics in Sochi. World was given “panem et circenses” to cheer and have its attention being taken away from important future historical facts to come.
Feb. 18th – Violence erupts in Kiev.
Feb. 22nd – Parliament impeached Yanukovych, as he flees Kiev condemning a ‘coup’. Presidential elections are set for May 25 (from December 2013).
Feb. 26th – Russia questions the legitimacy of Ukraine’s new leadership.
March 1st – Russian parliament authorizes Russian president Vladimir Putin to send troops into Ukraine. Ukrainian army adopts a state of alert.
West poor response to Russia:
March 1st – US President Barack Obama tells Putin, he has violated international law and warns of reprisals. Putin insists Russia has the right to “protect its interests and Russian-speaking populations” (reference to Hitler’s words about protecting German minorities on certain territories back in 1938).
March 3rd – The United States Pentagon suspends military cooperation with Russia. Meantime German Chancellor Merkel presses Putin, but is forced to keep ‘status quo’. Gas pipe going directly from Russia to Germany – at the bottom of Baltic Sea- is enough strong argument to keep proper relations between both countries.
March 4th – Kerry at a press conference in Kiev condemns Russia’s “act of aggression” and says, as a result:  Washington is “not seeking confrontation” in Ukraine. Meantime Anders F. Rasmussen (NATO) says: Russia is still invading sovereignty of Ukraine. Consequently China supports Russian plan. Germany and USA agree to place « international observers » in Ukrainian territory (this will definitely impress Russia).
News update: Putin among those who is nominated to Noble’s Peace prize (no, this is not a joke and yes, this is not first time Noble prize candidate is nominated among those, whose actions support constant wars).
Sanctions set for Russia:
US Secretary of State, John Kerry tells Russia it could lose its place in the prestigious Group of Eight.
US economical and political sanctions (follow-up with Russia response).
EU waving finger at Russia and Russia waving hand at whole world (is this a friendship gesture or maybe something else?)
Russia’s response to West sanctions:
Russian energy giant Gazprom says, it will end Ukraine’s gas discount from April, but proposes a loan of up to $3 billion (2.2 billion euros) to Kiev to cover its debt.
Response of EU – ‘EU will help Kiev pay what it owes to Gazprom’ – a top official says, as part of an aid package reportedly worth more than 1 billion Euros. Other words: EU proposes donation for Russia. Result: Putin will get his money back. A lot money.


Other arguments:
Stratfor analysis: “For Russia Crimea is only first step of further expansion”.
Reference to George Friedman book: “Next 100 years. Prognosis of XXI c.” – “The Orange Revolution was a period in which Russia finally finished the post-Cold War world. In response to United States, trying to pull Ukraine into NATO, Russians viewed this as next stage of disintegration of Russia”
Stratfor: “Russia is not able to recover in the coming decades in status of a global power, but it will do anything to become a regional power – and that means a collision with Europe”
1. The government in Berlin admitted, the German police in the past years helped to train Ukrainian security services, including the infamous Berkut forces.
2. Putin accuses Poland and Lithuania for training Maidan members and announces that didn’t send Russian military forces to Ukraine (soldiers have no Russian military uniforms logo).
3. Russia responds to economic sanctions of USA: « if sanctions become reality – Russia is announcing to abandon US dollar and start dumping US debt. Russia holds a decent amount of treasury bonds – more than $200 billion – and if the United States dares to freeze accounts of Russian businesses and citizens, Russia can no longer view America as a reliable partner. We will encourage everybody to dump US Treasury bonds, get rid of dollar,  as an unreliable currency and leave the US market. »
Article by Michael Snyder, on March 4th, 2014
‘However, if much of the rest of the world started following Russia’s lead, then things could get very interesting. (…)           I wrote about how China has chosen to publicly stand in agreement with Russia on the Ukrainian crisis.
If China also decided to abandon the U.S. dollar and start dumping U.S. debt, it would be an absolute nightmare for the U.S. financial system.And keep in mind that the Chinese were already starting to dump a bit of U.S. debt even before this latest crisis.  In fact, China dumped nearly 50 billion dollars of U.S. debt in December alone »
Ukraine is a deciding factor to be or not to be ‘ for Russia and it is a prelude to further expansion. Ukraine belonging to NATO structure and EU altogether is simply not an option for Russia. The only worry Russia has in future is China itself.
4. Putin doesn’t intend military war, rather economical and social unrest which allows him consequently to expand his influence, first in Ukraine and later in critical for Russia regions.
“The Crimea currently is a center of information and…. disinformation war. Russian media for few days now are speaking one voice with Russian authorities, sharing call for unity against the “fascists, who seized power in Kiev. We hear about the “bandits of Maidan” and « defenders of Russia”. It seems that Russia is not an aggressor. Only defender of Crimean women and children crowds…”
Summary: Poland view on Russia and knowledge of common past history:
“Poland has done and is doing everything it can (warning West). In fact, international decisions will be undertaken without Poland- in Paris, Berlin, London and Washington. Therefore, the only thing Poland can do is to portray the present picture of the situation, as it develops and not how it is seen – by more distant from Ukraine- world capitals, especially those, which are involved in Russia’s powerful economic interest and are Russia’s internal economic business” – author Robert Cheda
Naivity and ignorance of West now shows an unprecedented lesson of how powerful and undeniably influential Russia is, in spite of warnings of previous deceased Polish president Lech Kaczynski, who stated in August, 2008)- after war in Georgia- that soon enough, we could face ‘further Russian expansion, which could be as well-directed toward Ukraine and possibly Poland afterwords’. Polish president died- in what is now suspected as his assassination in April 2010). (Polish)
Lech Kaczynski (English)

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