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Russia vs. NATO and US

Regardless, how war games would evolve, current military circumstances may show military potential and disadvantage on both sides, yet, when considering Russian mentality, we need to remember that numbers and quality of military arsenal is not connected only with latest technology or statistics.
If we put together ability of defense or offense initiated from either side, one thing is striking: while Russia systematically checks out enemy territories and military preparation, NATO and its allies do little or nothing, to update itself about Russian military capabilities, apart from technical knowledge how many new models of warplanes or destroyers (whether we talk about helicopters, ships, submarines, missile type etc.) are out there…
There is limited number of warships or planes and Russian military spending is way more limited comparing to US and NATO altogether. However, more advanced models or better technology are not equal to using also man power, war trickery and tactics, mental training and finally geopolitical conditioning.
What does it mean?
Firstly, it means, that although Americans use highest technology and newest military operational methods in Middle East, it doesn’t mean, it is even 60% mission successful. Some military equipment or military tactics simply don’t pass the test of landscape or character of war (style of war), which takes place in Middle East or Ukraine.
This also applies to specifically designed Russian propaganda war, which parallelly to military show off, suppose to play major role in confusing and disorganizing adversary military actions. Best reference here would be initially formed separatists groups in East Ukraine, destabilizing very successfully situation in whole country and beyond its borders.
Secondly, it means that although NATO and allies have overwhelming dominance in military numbers and some technology, this doesn’t disqualify fact, that usage of smart military strategies may lead to outnumbering those, who feel too confident about their social, political or military advantages.
As example: Russia has poor warehouse of submarines or ship destroyers, and almost non-existent sea aircraft carriers… with old technology in use and not enough power. But, not to underestimate its ability, RF also budgeted wisely to implement, better than American models, newest fighters: Su-35, designed in best known stealth technology, having extremely good maneuver ability (better than any F fighters) to confuse enemy military guidance systems and latest American computer simulation clearly has shown that Russian ‘flying bird’ could bit to the head combined fleet of F/A-18 Super Hornet, F-22 and F-35 fighters.

Speaking of F-35 = the biggest downfall of American military tradition, both technically and economically; the lists of malfunctions were released, while numerous testing of what become biggest disappointment in history of fighters. About specifics of this latest US military failure, you can read in details in many articles, discussing this particular model. After performed simulation Americans admitted themselves, there was no way to defeat latest baby of Russian innovation.
Even more concerning can be Sukhoi T-50, which seems to be flying wonder. For military enthusiasts it would be recommendable to compare programs directives of American JSF and Russian PAKL- FA, as for years Russian engineers knowledge and techniques could easily smash to the ground American military innovations and show different angle of  military potential being used optimally.
Of course on field of tanks, so far British Challenger-2 is considered one of the most advanced creation, yet, again highly maneuverable Russian T-90, quite light in comparison and harder target due to its size, may be better choice for Russian land arsenal.
One field is undoubtedly belonging to American military supremacy and it is Apache which “as world’s premier attack helicopter, was designed to be an extremely tough survivor under combat. In 1983, Hughes Helicopters Inc., later McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems, won the prestigious Collier Trophy for the design of the AH-64 Apache” (
Their counterpart: Kramov KA-50 mainly looses on lack of radar and infrared reading (crucial night vision), yet again, Kramovs tend to be more speedy and more maneuverable.
Also Russian sea destroyers are way questionable in terms of outdated technology. However question remains the same: “what type of war would we face in near time?” as sky and nuclear capabilities would be more accounted than land or sea-fight.
Adding to it, absolute Russian winner could belong to is S-400 ballistic station, able to carry diversified kind of long-range missiles, including Iskanders, which are now installed in many strategic military locations.
But what would be biggest threat in my opinion in this inevitable war  is American/NATO military mentality vs. Russian one.
1. America budget is in majority focused on military spending. Many times technology and service involved is such enormous effort and tool related that this spending goes well over any rational calculation. Russia- due to economical limits preserve military readiness, but mostly in terms of more quality, than quantity spending criteria, which ultimately may compromise ability of defense, but it gives advantage in other fields, where Russia solo may become more offensive militarily, than any other global alliance.
In consequence America is also dragging itself economically as educational aspect (including mind training) is under-minded and any other social services are under-budgeted.
2. Americans especially put lots of emphasis on latest technology and advancement, including robotization of military capabilities (drones and similar, robot killer machines which in many instances target mistakenly or destroy huge operational areas or outnumber mostly civilians with non-significant critical enemy losses). This however doesn’t ensure reality in terms of battling the enemy successfully, as latest Middle East wars have shown during  last decade.
3. Russians can be less concentrated on biggest technology discoveries, but definitely put more pressure on human element, where pilots/other machines operators are trained to also recognize enemy latest tactics and apart from using high-tech models, human element (read human mind tricks) is used to tackle military tasks. Russian propaganda using media, political parties, secret service and international outlets (building military relationships with not just biggest economical powers, but also strategically located countries like latest Nicaragua deal) is best example of destabilizing global balance in ALL aspects of life of many countries.
In history of wars, where biggest empires have fallen, we have learned that best, most equipped military, with most advanced technology and even – biggest in numbers  – armies, wasn’t a guarantee of securing win situation. Contrary, we have learned that human element, where cunning, strategic minds can not be replaced with nothing else, can be far more dangerous, than any artificial intelligence put together.
American and NATO alliance strategists and war planners should remember about it, when ignorance can not play role any longer.

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