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                                                                                               “frequently repeated lie eventually will become truth
In America (and across the globe) what is absolutely wrong with politics is…. public opinion itself. It gets notoriously manipulated on every possible corner, being shifted from one to another party preference, from proposes and promises of one candidate to another.
Most of, so-called voters, don’t realize simple fact and truth, which has existed for centuries and exists in perfect shape nowadays, that their votes don’t count, rather WHO counts the votes is the most important factor.
There are very few countries in this world, which try not to abuse this scheme. Yet, you can count them flawlessly (if you can count and are not illiterate), not reaching number… 10.
People are lured into belief that their votes count and they are given everlasting illusion they decide about their own reality. Not further from the truth.
There’s been countless examples of how politicians and politics have manipulated people minds to the point, that universal rule of “frequently repeated lie becomes finally the truth” reached soaring point of impression, something is ‘terribly wrong with this world and humans’.
Those who found themselves in power, won’t hesitate to use it and most of the time, this power will be always used toward disadvantage of majority.
Let’s give few examples of how this works.
IF humanity was to survive, future generations would have to ask themselves very tough questions ranging from: “why would someone think war games are such good entertainment for the brain?…

Source: Why Stupidity we embrace, goes this far….

1. Just recently in America 5 Wal-Marts has shut down operations from one day to another. Public (employees) was given explanation that it was due to “some maintenance work”, although as it was verified later on, not one of these Wal-Marts had even budget to perform this type of work. Yet public was lied to again. It is “modern” employee lay-off process, where average Joe finds out, that from one day to another, he/she doesn’t have job, being informed about it within couple hours of lay off. Of course it is not called “lay off”. It is called in this case: “emergency maintenance situation”.
Only few workers made a comment this happened after them demanding income raise.
2. Candidates from opposing parties ALWAYS claim, extremely contradicting to each other, voting promises. They promise a lot. Most of these promises, regardless who ends up at the winning table, are not delivered. But most of public opinion wouldn’t even remember these promises because…. there were so many of them. There are armies of PR people who work on delivery of these messages the way that public opinion in final stage gets so confused and baffled, the only memorable thing is: who was promising more jobs (Joe has to feed his family) and more security (Joe has to be assured his kids are safe from outside and inside danger) in everyday life.
Illusion of different, contradicting each other political parties, works extremely successful. It gives impression, we – as voters have alternative and that different political parties views do exist. Not further from the truth.
3. After promises of which some have been delivered to calm down public and staged to bring us to choose a candidate, next step is to sustain as long as possible status quo, when public opinion is not informed about facts, instead it is given debilitating media pulp in which most of us are forced to believe, so we wouldn’t argue with our own system of beliefs and convictions.
4. Next example? When it was discovered CEOs of companies make enormous amounts of money, being asked to share it with their employees, most acted as it was personalized attack on their…. liberties. In Switzerland, few months ago, when there was proposed cap limit given on CEOs incomes, proposal was instantly rejected by… CEOs. Public decision was excluded, same way like when public demanded raise in hourly income, discussion had suspiciously so many opponents who claimed it would…harm national economy.
5. You want more examples? Wars. Best example of how to “regulate” global population and make average Joe suffer consequences of it. In nowadays economical, military or cyber wars, not too many are concerned about well-being of global population or environment. Profit is the key word for few who are power-hungry.
Just remember this saying “give people power they will take it, give them absolute power, they will take it absolutely”. To accomplish it, different tools are used: public debates, campaign ads, news, work place, institutional programs, religious institutions etc.
National (global) education or rather luck of it is a major accelerator of political games. These games are designed to include voters naivety and ignorance.
The only thing people in power need, regardless of their political affiliation and hunger for more power, is to have army of stupid and obedient voters, who are there to live minimum level life to sustain comfortable and out of control life of few.

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