kNOWledge is the poWEr

Changing World

Greece Bankruptcy

It is sad reality more and more countries are facing with each passing day. Greed of banks, big corporates and private families is destroying well-being of nations.
Capital in hands of few should be called capitalism and it has nothing to do with development, healthy economy and good future.

“We are reaching the end game in Europe. If they don’t launch real QE and start reflation by the end of the year or soon after, the consequences are too awful to contemplate”
When, as customers, we think about deflation, most of us have feeling of immense joy….”Finally prices are going down, with my poor income I will be able to afford more….”. It is a case, but for economy itself this case is a pre-day to bigger chaos. To understand pros and cons of deflation, everyone should study economic manipulations.
For average Joe, news are limited to 2 things: ” I can ” or “I can’t afford it”. Problem does exist when people don’t understand basic economic laws and flows of years cycles.
Many economists try to present in charts and their complex analysis, economic tendencies of our times, but even with big knowledge many aspects of economics can not be controlled. Some countries or practically whole world economy reaches either new heights or go into spiral tango. We currently live in times of this dance and for many of us it is so stressful, that to understand it we would have to, firstly, understand politics.
Many people are not eager to engage in politics. For many, righteously politics is a steak of big, fat lies and too much manipulation, causing Joe to pay all bills for political, therefore economical mistakes….So what are the basics? Let’s start with very vivid and present issue: definition of deflation.

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