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How to revive US economy – ABC for Donald Trump

“Nations consist of people. And with their effort, a nation can accomplish all it could ever want”
Revival of US economy
Although, not claiming political or economical expertise, everyone can contribute to revival of US economy or any country’s economy for that matter. There are very few simple rules to follow, most politics seem to miss, due to their greed and indifference about dealing with problem.
  1. Made in USA – bring business home and create normal tax system for business at home. Stop relying on plastic crap from China. Stop creating corpocracy which ruins global economy.  In a long run it supports no quality, no solid base for rebuilding ANY economy. Make it like Germans make their car engines. Educate Americans about necessity of Made in America again and teach them that everyone needs critical thinking to monitor politics. US should become SELF-SUSTAINED.  This leads to next topic:
  2. Choose politics with proven knowledge and accomplishments and test them. Crack down on political corruption. Create ethical code like in Japan. Whatever it takes. Test politicians for greed, inability or ability to run the country etc. America suppose to have one of the brightest psychologists. Put them to work for creating political run-up tests. For politics hire only people like successful businessmen. It will pay off.
  3.  Formula of wise financial system. There should be always more mullah in the pot than outside the pot (debt). Hire best economist and listen to them, instead of ignoring their warnings. Simple.
  4. Create good schooling system and bring best internationally educated folks. Make education FREE. This sort of international immigration brought to the country always contributes to well-being of the country. Cheap labor ultimately kills any country. Don’t support cheap labor. Support free education and hard work ethics.
  5. Finnish parody with US healthcare system. There are plenty of examples in the world for America to successfully implement RIGHT healthcare system, which is not run by greedy insurance companies. If USA is too complex and too big: divide country into sections and run healthcare system rules in these sections (same like it is run in smaller countries). A little good will and right logistics – in no time America will be an example for others. And no worry – it won’t become communist.
  6. Get idea and teach it in local schools, that America has the crappiest food in the world and it has to change. Change it, it’s doable. Use vast lands to grow organic foods and start organic farms/retreats/institutes everywhere – it can become educational hub for young population. Kick out all the giants who try to poison Americans. Demand certified food tasting and control.
  7. Use technology. Build amazing cities, transport structures, infrastructures. Bring best people from around the world to implement ideas. Use climate change to adjust to rapid dysfunctions in environment. Stop using old ways of thinking and start most modern approach to reality. Engineers, scientists, builders etc. are all waiting on American soil. Hire them. They should not be looking for jobs elsewhere.
  8. Change US constitution. It has too many amendments. Too many overrated laws (only fundamentals from funding fathers are good) and too much interpretation to it. It confuses average American, who is more concerned about how to pay the bills and support the family.
  9. America should stop having overblown EGO. Deal is done. No more #1 in the world.  However, America can have best economy, best school system or best healthcare. Modesty is priceless. It can take any country to a new heights.
  10. Review, repeat and SHARE all above revivals for US economy. It will spread ideas and ideas build nations.
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