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Why everyone should pay attention to what Poland does….?

Along events which impact economically our daily life, there are tremendously good things happening in Poland nowadays.
What are they? Seemingly little things which can affect the future of Polish generations and impact their lifestyle in understanding importance of right decisions.
High quality education in Poland and what America could learn from Poland?
 One of them is heavily militarizing of Poland. Currently in Europe Poles are not only major buyers of military equipment and region of increased military exercise (our Eastern border in part is a EU border), but also we have much to offer in military sale market, where engineers are presenting newest impressive military technologies, which successfully can be used by American army or other NATO members, together with outside NATO zone countries.
Second big improvement just got announced again on 1st of September 2015 (preparation to this step started 2 yrs earlier). Kids from kindergarten all the way to high school students are thought how to resign from Westernized diet and invest in health, by having only healthy choices offered in school cafes and eateries.
What does it mean? Obligatory school gastronomy has to serve dark breads instead of hamburgers and fries, most of meals are cooked instead of fried and there are plenty of mix salads which are offered to replace genetically modified foods and any chemical compounds in foods.
It is Polish government initiating fight with raising obesity and unhealthy lifestyle. Parents seem to be extremely happy,  students: little less – addicted to unhealthy choices remember “tastier foods”, yet everyone seems to understand it is simply “to be or not to be” for future generations.
There is also another curiosity raising in Europe, due to current revolt in political stage of Poland. Specifically Germany is quite surprised with majority of Poles – voters, changing consequently landscape of Polish future. Luckily process is in making and hopefully it will be finalized by end of October to establish promising new government.
Other successes? More and more visible sport winners from Poland, more development of infrastructure, more scientific impact on worldwide scale….
Although behind Eastern border, pressure of war is rising and there is overwhelming Ukrainian and North African immigration issue, Poland is pushing toward development, wise policies and careful historical analysis. It is incredible land, where average Pole still struggles to meet standards of West Europe, yet it is just another challenge to be overcome for brave Poles.
They can succeed in every aspect as Poland always gave great example of how country can rebuild from ashes and fight for better future. We could learn a lot from this particular nation and we shall appreciate its need to preserve historical lessons of the past, so it could never repeat again. Many countries however in Europe seem to forget this point. Point which makes Poland strong on international arena….

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