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Why changes in Poland may be a huge blow to EU governing strategy

Opinions voiced out in this article have no association with preference of any governing or non-governing-party in Poland and is purely a statement of debunking realities of European Union.
 In political agenda of what is happening in Poland, EU officials are slowly loosing control grasp over some countries. It must feel very painful, watching how one government after the other in Central/Eastern Europe (Hungary as leading factor with right-wing PM Orban)  is taking big stand against European demagogy of what Brussels calls: ‘European values”.
It has to be huge blow to centralized in Brussel Europe’s establishment, where so many individual and groups interests are at stake. Consequently “New York Times“, “Washington Post“, “Der Spiegel” and few other media outlets are trumpeting about need of “stopping Poland on its track to true democracy”, where one of the most developing economies is at last refusing bowing low in front of European Union lords agenda.
As saying goes “mice has roared and the cat doesn’t like it”.
So what is at stake?
Let’s read below comment of “EU deeply concerned politician” who views Poland’s right swing as direct danger to security and stability of EU. Fat cats of Brussel face apparently dilemma of their questionable operations.
(….) Apart from quoted above (refer to newspapers titles) Martin Schulz or J.C Juncker statements, growing army of opponents to Poland’s political tactics chant same song, which naively many Poles take as own national song nowadays: “we need to teach Poland about liberties, values and something along this line”.
Poland – country of almost 40 million, with growing economy, yet with majority of young population migrating away, since previous leftist government did enough economical and political damage, demistifes true intentions of European Union practices.  For that very reason Polish voters have said recently “stop” to Belgium politics in determined attempt to take country off sick acts European Union leaders recklessly impose on other union member countries (refer to current uncontrollable migration or Nord Stream project). Poland finally -again – defends truly authentic European values, which ironically Brussel portraits as “socialist, nationalist and fascist”.
Unfortunately Poland’s present governing body (PIS and party’s leader: J. Kaczynski – one of twin brothers, whose other brother as former Poland’s president was most likely assassinated) may not survive countless attacks of European Union leaders and again : political puppets may replace seats in Polish government to serve every other, but Polish interest. Yet maybe, just maybe, Poles will withstand this historical trial and those who are smarter will lead the way.
In this light below comment of current President of the Alliance of Liberals&Democrats for Europe (ALDE) in the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt  has presented the most twisted, hypocritical and fearful attitude, targeted at those who  took a chance to voice out the truth about European “unification and solidarity” concept.
His very own commentary about situation in Poland below:
“On the morning of the 24th December, the Polish Senate endorsed a law which paralyses the Constitutional Court. Essentially, once the law is signed, the Court will be removed from Poland’s system of democratic checks and balances.  The national-socialist government of the PiS, steered from the back seat by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, is trying to turn Poland away from liberal democracy.
On the way to his goal, Kaczynski and his helpers do not hesitate to violate the very democratic system which brought them to power. In reality, what the government is doing is undermining the European fundamentals of Poland and moving it closer to Moscow; to a place and regime which the Poles hoped to have escaped 25 years ago. The current Polish Government is doing the work of Vladimir Putin, given his determination to destroy European unity and its rule of law. And it is doing so at extremely fragile times, when Putin’s army occupies the territory of Poland’s immediate neighbour, Ukraine.
The ongoing mass protests across Poland show that the newly grown Polish middle class will not accept this move towards the East. Civil society and parliamentary opposition parties will find a way to stop the PiS Government. Nowoczesna newly elected to the Parliament this autumn, is a real, modern and centrist alternative to the national-socialism of Kaczynski and PiS. Since the elections, Nowoczesna is winning hearts and minds across Polish society. The Poles must and will solve the problem themselves.
However, as Kaczynski seems determined to profoundly change Poland at high-speed, much faster than Orban did in Hungary, the EU cannot be silent. The EU Commission should use all instruments at its disposal to insist on the full respect of fundamental European principles and the rule of law, to support Polish civil society, its democratic media and opposition. At the same time, the mechanism which the European Treaty envisaged for serious breaches of fundamental European values – switching off of the Constitutional Court clearly qualifies as such – should be activated, to clearly demonstrate to PiS government the risks and costs connected to the undermining of democracy.
The EU must not repeat the mistakes it made with Hungary or earlier in the case of Austria and Jörg Haider. This time its reaction must be commensurate to the gravity of the measures and the speed with which they are being taken.
The European Parliament has already added an urgent debate on the situation in Poland to the agenda of its next plenary session, scheduled for early January

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