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                                                                       “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation”   ― Ronald Reagan
 Duplicity of Europe reached its apogee.
Italians among with Greeks, Hungarians or Slovaks are fed up with immigration chaos.
Polish or Baltic states officials are clear about being more concerned about Russian – Ukrainian conflict, than continuous Middle East, seemingly unstoppable immigration flux.
German politics appear to be in permanent stage of trembling in face of what Russia can do next to Europe and rest of the world. Additionally, following religiously its policies, German officials are becoming a moral voice of European Union, alarming everyone involved about need of sharing common responsibility for immigration crisis.
Some European countries agree on this statement, some are not as enthusiastic to step in the path of being equally intimidated by Russian tactics or allow Syrian and other immigrants (wherever they come from) to freely flow through old continent invisible borders.
German policy about “sharing common EU solidarity in face of unprecedented situation”  initiates more visible dissonance between West and East Europe. Consequently while West Europeans give welcoming attitude toward illegal immigration, hypocritical position of England shows limited admittance of refugees. Somehow, in all complexity of this exodus, neither Germany or France are critical of United Kingdom practice in this particular matter…
 However, crucial question remains the same: why would all European countries equally share responsibility, when indeed most of Eastern Europe still struggles with implications of regime times and growing Russian threat? Why politicians are not asking local communities about their opinion of destabilized situation and why Asia or other continents, including south and central Africa are not taking burden of welcoming, misplaced by brutal war nations?
 Western attitude seems to repeat same pattern. It could translate into German government, once more applying non-debatable dominance in Europe. It uses more aggressive political and economical blackmail or soft-talk: “no more NATO bases and increased presence of American soldiers on Eastern European soil; more negotiation attempts toward Russian politics, including arbitrary Putin’s acts; finally: sharing equal responsibility of asylum for Middle East refugees and possibility of Schengen zone dissolution in case of lack of solidarity in response to growing problem.
There is lots of pressure toward Poland and Baltic states or Balkan neighbors to change immigration policies and while high rank officials from these regions are presenting counter-arguments against it, West Europe raises voice of repetitive double-face morality.
It is just another sign of how much crisis does exist in once united old continent and how quickly Europe as we know it brings itself to an end. Realistically, federation of such diversified countries won’t be able to resurrect whole world or even its part. It is obviously not a Jesus Christ of all nations, nor it should try to play this role.
 Yet, only few seem to notice root of all problems: hunger, local and global wars, endless social conflicts, economical turbulance are all direct effect of financial scam system and activities of modern empires, which shift center of gravity away from their own territories.
Visible influence of American international policies or Russian destabilization of Ukraine, impact equally current European crisis. Consequently and ironically those, who migrate are finding themselves in such startling numbers, that problem duplicates rapidly in new home of choice.
Many nations in Europe don’t have any obligations toward immigrants, whether they come from war zones or peaceful territories. It is only a discussion of moral choice. In law terms there is “a right to asylum”, but this right can only be applied with certain control. The only legal obligation each country has is solely toward their own citizens, tax payers, contributors to economic growth, those who  impact social life in terms of beneficial outcome and are well assimilated within cultural circle of specific country.
Meanwhile, Europe is rejecting painful knowledge of the past events and terribly tragic consequences of allowing those, who come from extremely different cultural and mentality circles. As quotes suggest “Today immigrants – tomorrow terrorists” may not be an exaggeration in light of last decade experience with newcomers. And whether discussion is about good, well-educated people versus dangerous political activists, it still doesn’t change the fact, that certain cultural circles and mentally different groups simply can not coexist. Refusal of comprehending this simple fact can only result in dire consequences to all involved.
Most of chaotically migrating people are not screened, currently they are given automatic permission into German or other territories and most likely it will change forever landscape of European culture and specifically German societal division between those, who gladly open arms towards new comers and those who express their anger and hatred toward new wave of immigrants. It will open Pandora box, which some warn against, yet most don’t pay attention to.
Neither housing and giving better future to newcomers or putting wire fences, building high walls and isolating immigrants will solve this already global problem.
Only way problem could be solved is when enough quick reaction allows those, who play political power game to prevent human exodus on this scale form happening again. That those who started problem in first place should be held accountable and finally ‘little players on political scene” like human smugglers should be persecuted with all possible power.
Another solution, although painful, is lack of welfare provision and supply, unless critically needed. These are solutions, which are rejected by one of the most civilized countries in the world. Painfully, Europe is paying once more the price of external powers which initiated this chain process. And apparently Europe hasn’t still learned crucial lesson, which decides about its further existence in first place.
Implications of wrong decisions will be felt not only by Germany, but whole Europe and this is why many other countries respond with such determination against it. Short-sighted political establishment currently decides about shape of Europe in near future.
The issue is clear, it is not a matter of humane reaction, as if this was a case we would also have to volunteer to help those from Republic of Congo or Venezuela, consequently reacting to all injustice happening in the world….
Few factors are at play: those who escape dangerous territories are directed by human smugglers, who feed on their fears, promising golden mountains of benefits and full of opportunities future. Some already call England an El Dorado, others expect to have job and stability upon arrival, waving their Engineer diplomas in front of journalists faces.
Second factor is plain obvious, those who would choose southern direction in Africa, escaping to other African countries would expect only poverty and corruption, so they rather risk epic survival journey in promise of gold paradise. Yet, all these activities are just a part of bigger plan. Watchful observer would see here different game of the powers.
It is purely process of purposely designed plan of so-called and widely discussed in recent years, “muslimification of Europe”, which takes place – not in light of current major immigration crisis, but at least for last 20-30 yrs.
Current exodus of this proportions is natural effect of past events. Those who used to travel to France or Germany back in 90s, could tell stories about towns and cities overtaken by population of Middle East nationals. Back in a day, problem seemed to be insignificant and relatively managed, specifically due to much less activity of terrorist groups – whereas now it is slipping out of control.
Europe and Germany in its humane response is ironically portraying itself  as Europe of 1914 and 1939. All we witness is becoming a prelude to another war, much more devastating and much more complex, than any war in the past.
And sadly – Germany, again, leads its way.
Read Below:
(Violent protests by German people against ‘Muslim Immigration Jihad’ and the EU leaders who are enabling it…. Article QUOTED”)
This is  NOT a ‘refugee crisis’ – this is immigration jihad – a full blown Muslim invasion, sanctioned by the EU, backed by the OIC and facilitated by the UN. The German people are fed up with being ignored by their leaders. Their protests fall on deaf ears, so they are resorting to violence to save Germany from being turned into an Islamic hell hole.
If that’s not bad enough, wait’ll they hear this: germany-opens-gates-welcomes-all-syrian-asylum-seekers-urges-uk-to-do-the-same
Posters showing Chancellor Angela Merkel in a Muslim headbag are appearing at every anti-Muslim invader protest
Yahoo News  Germany scrambled Tuesday to quell a wave of anti-migrant violence, as a suspected arson attack hit a planned refugee shelter just hours after Chancellor Angela Merkel denounced xenophobic protests as “vile”. Vowing to take tough action against perpetrators of such attacks, top politicians sought to reassure the unprecedented number of migrants arriving in the country that far-right extremists did not represent Germany. “With regards to xenophobic violence, there can only be one answer: police, justice and, if possible for those we catch, prison as well,” said Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel.
Germans are burning down buildings identified as asylum seeker housing.
Merkel, who has been criticised for failing to forcefully address the wave of anti-migrant sentiment until this week, will on Wednesday visit a refugee centre targeted by far-right extremists and neo-Nazis in the eastern town of Heidenau. Germany is expecting to receive a record number of 800,000 asylum-seekers this year, four times higher than the number in 2014.
The sudden surge in people coming from war zones such as Syria as well as countries that are not at war like Albania and Kosovo has left the authorities struggling to cope. It has also exposed anti-migrant sentiment, particularly in eastern Germany, which still lags behind the western part of the country in terms of jobs and opportunities 25 years after reunification.
 The latest case of suspected arson hit a temporary shelter in a sports hall in Nauen, a town near Berlin, just a week before 130 refugees are due to move in. Police said the speed of the flames ripping through the site early Tuesday suggested arson was the cause. The state president of Brandenburg, where Nauen is located, Dietmar Woidke urged residents to “distance yourself from xenophobic mobs”.
“Be it agitations against foreigners or attacks against people in need in Heidenau or the hindering of the arrival of refugees in Nauen by arson, such action is shameful and unworthy of Germany,” he said in a statement.
Over the weekend violent protests broke out as patriots and demonstrated against a refugee shelter in Heidenau. Merkel also had strong words on Monday for those marching alongside in support of the anti-migrant cause. “It is vile for far-right extremists and neo-Nazis to try to spread their hollow, hateful propaganda but it is just as shameful for citizens including families with children to join them” in their protests, she said in her strongest statement to date about a wave of anti-refugee protests in eastern Germany.
These are the people Angela Merkel is calling “Neo-Nazis”
Justice Minister Heiko Maas on Tuesday said the extremists “have no place in the street but before the courts”. But he ruled out the establishment of security barricades around refugee shelters, telling ARD television: “I don’t want to live in a country (where such measures have to be taken) for people to feel secure”.  – A flood of threats – As Europe’s top economy braces to receive an unprecedented number of asylum seekers this year, the number of migrant hate crimes appear to have increased in tandem.
The real violence in the EU comes from the Muslim invaders who are angry that their demands for asylum and housing are not being met in a timely fashion
Arson has hit refugee homes and Red Cross volunteers pitching tents for asylum-seekers have been attacked. On Monday, police said two neo-Nazis had been arrested for urinating on two children onboard a Berlin train because they were foreigners.  “Asylum-seeker scum,” one of them was reported as saying by the Bild tabloid.
The Social Democrats evacuated its headquarters after receiving a bomb threat — apparently linked to party chief Gabriel’s comments against the far-right, although police said the threat was not serious.
Since Gabriel’s visit to the Heidenau refugee centre, the party has received “a flood of threats linked to xenophobic agitators”, general secretary Yasmin Fahimi said.
German filmstar Til Schweiger — who has been openly supportive of asylum-seekers — is under police protection after a fire was reported within the grounds of his house and intruders were apparently seen in his garden. Right wing anti-Muslim immigration parties are rising all over Europe as a result. Germany needs to step it up.
  1. Comment: January 23, 2016 @ 6:05 pm The people in Gemany and the EU and UK need not fear the retaliation promised by the “slime” person of the year or any of her kind of socialist junkies. The key is to continue working protests in large groups and they will not be able to stop what the people demand is right for their country. Do not let the system to destroy your culture succeed.




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