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Changing World


There are very important factors to what happened in Brexit case:
    is/was a fabricated event which is designed to initiate break up of Europe, as we know and creation in place a mechanism, which would form Europe with ONE army, ONE financial system, ONE military system etc. There is existing confirmation by high rank officials that document containing for now 9 pages describe a vision of France-Germany alliance of very worrisome Europe as ONE country.
2. To prove this point recently Berlin called up ministers of ONLY certain countries on
West Europe to discuss uncontrollable right-wing movement leading to more breakups.
In response Vysehrad Group
Polish Foreign Affairs minister reacted with proposal to invite only officials from other countries excluding West European officials. He stated that what West Europe was doing is exactly an essence of
Europe brake-up.
3. Document mentioned above got released by one of the local TV stations.
European Eurocrats didn’t have chance to prevent leakage of this information.
According to this document:
• Member states would NOT have right to own army, special forces,
separate judicial code, separate tax code, tax limit code, own
currency or bank system which would allow for financial security
• There would only monolithic visa system and foreign affairs monolithic
decision-making including forcing member states to accept
refugee and immigrants with cap quota
• NATO role would be limited according to this document
Germany and France stated that as they share common values and they
would like to introduce this idea to rest of state members with emphasis
that stronger European countries (read: economically) would dictate their
will to weaker EU countries.



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