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Jungle law in America

  “We are at war in America
          Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.”- Bertrand Russell
Racial War in America
America caught itself in interesting power squeeze. Cops are not sure how to act in public as they are obliged by constitutional rights or they abuse their power, given to them to justify reality. Yet, most citizens, including cops have no idea what actual rights they have and how to use them properly vs. what is shuffled down their throat in terms of justified agenda.
Half America is armed, what does it mean for cops or armed forces? Only one thing: there is most armed civil army on this Earth which can take matters in their hands when pressure raises.
People are scared, terrified that one day, mad public will take revenge on all unjustified acts. Till then cops act on their own. Many times people view them as crooks. Unfortunately for them things get out of control, public mass is awaking reaching for explanation why they are getting shoot out like ducks.
The bottom of the problem is in racial settings, but another bottom of the problem is in how far uniformed people can go.
In many European countries uniform means protection and not abusing its power. Obviously they are always “raisins” which think they own the world and other people lives, yet, in majority of cases, cops in Europe have to be as respectful and helpful, as they can be towards their citizens. Their kindness gets rather recorded on mobile phones much more often than their acts of violence towards average citizens.
This is not a case in America. America has WILD law which says: “you are armed, so you can justify your acts”. In translation it means, if random by-passer shows up on someone’s property, they just may get shot. Not too much thinking in the process. Simply constitutional quote of 2nd amendment. If someone has random traffic stop or similar, they may be just shot by police as well. Logic is lost and ethics are gone.
Life lottery takes place in every corner of America. No one knows anymore why constitution is so strictly interpreted by obedient citizens, who know feel growing anger over this absurd interpretations of constitution which is rotten to the core, more than ever before. People shot themselves right and left. It is bad version of wild, wild west where there is no good or bad guy, there is simply a jungle law.
America is in interesting crossroads, where power of the public weights against power of few.
Let’s see how people would claim their rights to be respected at the end of the day.
                                                                                                                                                        Martial Law in America
Think, very, very careful about what is happening in America. Times of uprising are just ahead and as mentioned before, this what we see it’s not human fight anymore.
 “…this is literally fight for our very own souls” If someone thinks it’s a joke, reach not to internet, but rather to literature and documentaries which widely speak about it.
Images can be very deceptive and what people think it’s right, can be very, very wrong.
In few months time, we will discover what path we will be on. It is not prophetic talk or any of this kind crap, people love to feed on. It is an observation, which takes us back all the way when America lost its soul.
You may think it could be exaggeration to say it, yet all current events are bigger than you imagine. They were also very precisely planned.
Martial Law in America
People fell into trap of being played along this game for very long time. We see effects of it on America’s streets. We will see more of it escalated in coming times.
Only few realize what is really going on. However, to understand the scope of what is happening and coming, you would have to first face the truth, so hard to face, because it requires your self-denial.
Globalist Agenda

Paranoia in America

Is America becoming paranoid?
Obviously yes. From recent warnings to past events, America is on the crossroads: what to tell its citizens, what to keep quiet about?
The truth is, more paranoid this country will become, more problems it will bring upon itself. Current news constantly touch subject of alerts being raised continuously. There is no even scale left. Red seems not enough. Maybe there should be ‘volcanic’ red: something spitting out of newspaper pages, mailboxes and definitely street activities, like flyers?
 Administration will concentrate on getting Americans completely isolated, alienated and scared to the raw bone.
America soon will become a ghost-country, where only twisters will swipe obstacles on the way and huge hurricanes will be madly damaging left overs. On top of it, those who believe living under special protection (government one), will arm themselves up to their head tops and will be running on the streets searching for possible terrorists on every corner.
No need fellow Americans: they are already invited by your dear government, training on military bases and enjoying numerous immigration benefits. America doesn’t have to look far. Neighbour may be THE ONE, so it is relatively easy to create absolute homogeneous homicide, in once great country…
Leave media alone. They love drama and they feed you with it, America. So as we follow amazing updates on TV or internet, sometimes listening to the radio, we get extremely freaked out. Pretty soon looking in the mirror will be like your own little terrorist war. Sabotaging yourself…
There is nothing more powerful than constant mind programming: “So America, be warned, hide in houses and remember that no place on Earth is friendly to you.”
And in case you wanted to know why, ask your own governors who are continuing with war, raise your taxes and tell you how to live your life. If you are afraid of communism under Obama, you don’t need to worry.
Current reality is worst than Cuba, Ethiopia, Korea, Venezuela and post Soviet communist bloc combined.
It is called ‘fallen capitalism’.
                                            Just a gentle reminder: Do you want to stay at peace?
You need to be at peace with yourself, America.



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