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Changing World

Pandora Box

It will never be doubt in my mind, as in minds of many, who seek the truth, that our history of Polish nation is written way before we could ever find the truth. The truth so hard and unbelievable, only few can carry on their shoulders….
The story began centuries ago, but reached its apogee in WWII when epic chain of events initiated all processes shaped in nowadays Europe. Although there are many deniers of Russian Kremlin agenda, many Poles and some worldwide witnesses know the difference.
Russian population as a whole has been always in good relationship with Polish neighbors, unfortunately this can not apply to political establishment. Further more, it is crucial for those who seek truth, to know this particular truth could never find a day light, unless we all fight to expose it.
This is the crucial moment in history, as many, who are involved in this story, know how complicated and manipulated storyline has gotten.
For those who watch the movie, many paragraphs of it will be not understood properly, yet these paragraphs explain in detail, that what has happened back in 1941/42, leading eventually all the way to 2010 and beyond, will shape irreversibly future of Europe.
For those who know Russian tactics, it is clear that Russia will not stop in its footsteps to annex and conquer territories, which used “to belong” to Russia in the past. Even more, those territories, which never got annexed, may become part of Russia in near future.
NATO observers and analysts estimate that countries like Baltics or Poland, which could find themselves under Russian possible occupation, would be defended according to collective defence paradigm, yet nothing in history indicates supportive nature of West towards East Europe in times of invasion.
Many in Central and Eastern Europe question righteously, what could happen, if one of the listed countries would get attacked by Russia. Undoubtedly NATO is obliged to act, but would it?
War games are only played, when there is big interest at stake like oil or other natural resources or shift of powers, however when it comes to easing Russian bear anger, we know from history that West would rather give away part of territory to sustain relative peace and establish trade-off with Russia.
Why endangered countries should assume different scenario, when in fact historically there were usually left out every single time by their “allies”?
This time, it wouldn’t be any different. Russian leaders know, it is just a matter of time to charge and there will be virtually no enemy to fight.
Those, who know well this part of history and its conditioning, already see a familiar pattern. In 2008 when two regions of Georgia were annexed unlawfully by Russia, world has only watched. There were other small lands of dispute in between time, till major break through of Ukrainian case. None of these events didn’t happen out of the blue. Most were connected with specific circumstances preceding Russian aggression.
In sort of disbelief, Ukrainian territories found themselves to be a subject of Russian interest, just for the world to find out that Crimea was annexed practically without any obstacle from West powers. With war at Europe’s footsteps, West didn’t lift a 5th finger.
Would now NATO members have a reason to fear Russian occupation? With all certainty. Plenty of historical examples show, only inactivity and stagnation in face of invading country, will have long-term implications for the rest of the world.
Western European leaders seem to, according to one of the movie characters, have less than elementary knowledge about the fact, that East of Europe has been continuously subjected to loss of between 1o-15 % population in process of Russian occupation alone, not mentioning mental and physical devastation ongoing throughout centuries and shaping world’s dynamics for centuries to come.
Russian government knows, that poking world around and checking its limits is best tactic to set own conditions without any objections from world leaders.
West is afraid. It stays intimidated by Russian manipulations. It allows for politics to not discuss with public about what could be a possible long-term worldwide danger, which can affect many different countries.
Instead there is the atmosphere of  “is there anything significant enough happening?”    Well, maybe… Maybe half of Europe again like in pre 1939 war days will be sold out to east. International community didn’t act when Crimea was illegally annexed by Russia, Donbass went under fire, and when MH 370 flight should become a turning point. Nowadays this tragedy is actually another reason for some to make bigger bucks (!).
It seems all these lines are crossed, yet they are moving more toward inactive West…And this inaction is simply a permission for Russian expansion in every aspect.
In 2010 when Polish president together with almost 100 people was on board of plane, which crashed on site near mass execution graves discovered in 1945 by Germans, history made full circle.
Yet, when Poland’s burial ceremony of its officials was taking place, majority of Western leaders never showed up (due to volcanic ash seemingly stopping them from coming to funeral of L. Kaczynski, his wife and many others), while those, whose Poland’s president treated as allies against Russia’s shadowy tactics, were all present. There was also one particular presence, never wished by Polish opposition to take place, but approved by current at the time Polish government in power (which swiftly formed after president’s death as marionette government) – presence of Russian officials as an ironic message of being major player in this political game.
This was clear message to the world, that Western countries show no support in extremely critical historical moment, not just for Poland, but for the rest of Europe and the world.
Te words of deceased president will be always remembered by those who know the truth, when visiting Georgia back in 2008, he stated “we are all here to stand up to Russia and show our solidarity with those who become its victim, yet we need to remember that today it is Georgia, tomorrow, it may be Ukraine, after tomorrow: Baltics and maybe my own country: Poland”
This testimony of foreseeing future events got our president into his grave and investigation into plane crash is never-ending parody of historical chuckle.
For those who still feed on hope of security and democracy, one thing needs to be clear. If Central Europe together with West refuse to recognize its position in nowadays world, soon, we will wake up in very different world, where freedom and human dignity will cease to exist once more and where all world peace could be at stake.
Movie contains 4 parts, this is part 1:







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