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The Dumbest Nation in the World. Self-choice of America.

“Life is hard. It’s even harder if you’re stupid”
It is never an easy task to write about nation’s level of stupidity, yet this is not an article about nation’s idiocy rating, rather conclusion as result of it:
Below, you find condensed explanation, why in recent times current generations of America have fallen into cracks of extreme dumbness and seem not to be able to get out of it:
  1. Most (with reserved comment that some Americans are contrary to this conclusion) Americans are absolutely convinced about greatness of America. Most don’t know their history, geography and social or political conditioning. Yet, they think America is great.
  2. They also tend to be  proud Americans . Whatever it means.
  3. Most Americans believe that  “God blesses America“.  Not exactly precise statement, considering the fact, we still didn’t get confirmation from God himself (if he does indeed exists), besides – what God in his sanity would bless such ignorant people?
  4. Majority Americans have completely no idea about rest of the world. Being asked about pointing given country on the world map, responders have extremely hard time to do so, apart from confusing names like Czechnya or Czech (Republic).
  5. Americans know much about soap operas and withdraw their knowledge from sitcoms. Their major media channels seem not to be different than sitcoms, so apparently they shape American mind without much criticism. Americans would definitely answer your question about Angelina Jolie’s life (bet on it). It would be much more  challenging  for them to define who is the i.e vice-president of their country or how many sides triangle has.
  6. If you live in so-called bible belt of southern states, you better be a Methodist or Baptist, as there ‘ain’t’ other alternative for you. And  “God have mercy on you”  if you dare to be irreligious (let’s not confuse it with personal faith). You must go to church and pray for your lost soul. Alternatively you can always ask your good American neighbour to do it for you.
  7. If you live up North, you better show the ‘power of your money’ as this defines you in America. Corporate talk and all this big bliss of how great life you can have in America is all the talk and walk. No money talk = no walk.
  8. Most Americans are convinced that there is truly Republican or Democrat “way of life” and they separate both parties in belief, they are opposing each other. Of course  contrary is a reality,  but American media always make sure potential voters believe they vote for “better future and alternative candidate”. Like America has an alternative…
  9. Americans are very proud of their heritage. Well, no one exactly can define what is the heritage of America, apart from holocausting around 400 million of indigenous people and making sure those, who came to country after that still have to prove  “their immigrant value“.
  10. Most Americans see political candidates, who propose them lesser taxes, free education and more accessible medical assistance as: ‘socialists and communists’. However, responders usually can not tell the difference between socialism and communism. Most indicate words like capitalism as extreme counter-version of socialism, not realizing  both systems had the same father.
  11. Majority of Americans can not afford to go to college, but it seems they have special sense of pride to work in low paid jobs and reserve themselves also the pride of  “being American“. Whatever the heck it means.
  12. It is study proven fact that fast foods, so widely available in America, make Americans more dumb, as food of this sort is usually “an empty nutrition loaded with chemicals” which in consequence kills brain cells. However, many Americans still believe that ‘diet Coke’ is better than regular coke, because it says: “diet “.
  13. Americans have special attachment to bump stickers and t-shirts. This is how they express religious or political views. They also use banners mainly during rallies. The question is how much realistic power these gadgets have?
  14. To support above conclusions and statements: Americans in majority love to live in illusionary world, being convinced that those who work in White House decide about well-being of America and better future for all. This is why most Americans are in Matrix affair of current election, where cheering crowds can exclaim their own opinions, while politicians and financiers have big laugh behind the closed-door, when watching Americans being divided on the issue of to who vote for. Like the public vote in this twisted electorial system has any meaning and influence at all…But let’s leave this illusion to obedient “for the people, government of the people and by the people”….citizens.
This sad reality is settling even more in the nation, which undoubtedly once used to represent some values, believed in funding fathers message and thought younger generations the history of America’s land and its people.
There is magical word which describes each nation’s identity. It is called archetype (“a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc.”).  Archetypes  define how people understand their own history, what reflection they have in regard to it, how they define the future based on their history and how they can develop as a whole nation to become prosperous society, which holds the  model role  for the rest of the world.
Yet, the only role America has chosen so far is the role of  dumbest nation.   And, as history has shown us many, many times,  how exactly dumb nations end –  we can only conclude: there is little time left for America and Americans to survive as a nation.
Ideology can be swapped and embraced by those who finally discover the power of it.
It is such historical phenomena to know that ideology in hands only of one person can become a monstrous creation followed by masses. So it is.
Although majority of humans have seemingly natural ability to differentiate between good or bad causes, logic in this case is absolutely lost. No wonder that many times demonstrated lack of recognition what could be a scam versus factual state of being, bring nations and practically all global community to point of absolute serfdom.
So individuals from past, presence and future use this common mind muddles very effectively. As result we have ideologist local communities and all nations which follow the path. Path which ultimately ‘dissect’ any common sense.
I always asked myself a question, WHY people all around the world, given now opportunity to connect so quickly, are so in fear of educating themselves and deciding for once, that it requires only about 70-80% of global population uniting in decision which can twist tables around.
Our time is running out, hour-glass is tilted and although we already know that things can drastically change in nanosecond, we still choose conveniently to stay put – avoiding our common dead-end….
So what other, very intelligent and pronounced people out there see, most of population seems to miss out on?
None of them is a self-proclaimed Messiah, neither claiming the ownership of Einstein brain, but as they self-educate themselves, they can simply see into the near or far distance, what may happen.
People’s actions nowadays speak louder than words, sense of huge insecurity and lost morale are major causes of choices we make. We all know that bad choice will always lead us to gloomy or catastrophic outcome.
Yet, we continue, like stubborn mules to choose this way.
I’m not sure, if all these warnings coming now from many directions will play into waking up process of human involvement, but I’m sure if most of us choose not to act at all, we will face exactly the outcome we would never want to dream of.
When finally people realize how quickly power can shift, maybe just then, simply one-act done together in global perspective, will take our lives in completely different direction.
Call out for global unity. Real power is not where so-called “money” is, but is where “people” are.

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