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Wołyń Masacre

Caution: some pictures can be very drastic.

As history doesn’t have mercy on nations, example of Volyn massacre of Poles by Ukrainians back in 40s of last century, shows clearly that in nowadays world generations of past oppressors feel almost satisfaction and pride out of the fact their fathers/mothers and grandfathers massacred people. What used to be called Bandera faction were groups of people, who were deeply disappointed with change of reality after second Republic of Poland ceased to exist. Effect of nazi and soviet invasion caused that biggest victims of this invasion: Poles, became once again even more victimized by those, who were much closer mentally or culturally to Poland as others. Ukraine nowadays is under historical justification of past events, but what is so striking, it is the fact, that representations of new generation fume and ooze illogical hatred and aggression towards nation of Poland, which as a neighboring country, in majority supports efforts of Ukraine to stay independent from Russia. It is sad and tragic conclusion, as some comments of Ukrainians (you can read them as response to releasing Volyn Massacre movie) have proven paradox of self-affliction.
Comments like: “Nazis compared with us (Ukrainians) looked like innocent children when killing Poles methodically, yet us – we were Lucipheric in attempt to wipe out Poles with pure cruelty’. Volyn massacre has never been formally judged and finally we are finding out and talk much more about this evil demonstration almost 80 yrs later. Nothing turns this time back, but clock of history is ticking and it will always justify suffering of nations. Insanity of human hatred is fed mainly (unfortunately) by male testosterone saga to raise wars, when most of the women and children never asking for this madness – die horrific deaths. It is not determined that women would not initiate acts of wars, however in most cases “boys play dangerous games, while women and children lose their lives in senseless human conflicts”. In all history of massacre this one – Volyn – was majorly hidden from wide public eye as essence of it was unimaginable….
Below you can read quoted from Polish article (not exact) translation of text:
“If you’ve seen the trailer of movie Volyn (correct pronunciation is Wołyń) you already may have idea what dramatic events took place. Zofia – Polish peasant is in love with a young Ukrainian Petr. Her father however manages to ‘make a deal’ with village leader – Maciej (Pole), who needs new wife for his children from a previous marriage and additional pair of hands to work in his farm. Probably you think that romantic thread in Volyn region deviates from the actual plot line, but it’s the wrong impression – love plays an important role here, although of course there is no happy ending to what is expected in the movie showing cruel and mass genocide.
Producer and Director Smarzowski, from the first minutes of the film, slowly builds tension. It begins with the wedding of Zofia’s sister with other Ukrainian man. You hear singing, watch folklore and see general joy of two nations however, these are events which herald a future tragedy. Some Ukrainians (Bandera groups) complain during wedding party about the privileged position of Poles. Revolting drunkards become louder and bolder. Nationalism raises its head, inspired by Bandera groups recruiters, oozing venom into ears of susceptible brethren. To convince other Ukrainian nationalists, brother fellows just show the wealth of “Lachs” as Poles used to be called. Bandera recruiters gather eventually Ukrainians in gangs, that force fright to obey defiant kin. Coordinated action is ultimately seeding on fertile ground – void created after the fall of the Second Poland Republic. Insanity is not becoming norm from one moment to another, yet is lurking behind the corner.
I thought that after watching movie I would feel pure hatred for Ukrainians. It’s not like that. I feel hatred for Bandera and all fascist organizations, that use indecision and passivity of “silent majority.” The anger, however, lies somewhere in the background, muffled by great compassion and sorrow for the victims of this madness. Bandera and the followers (let them burn in hell) went to unimaginable art of killing. They simply managed to institutionalize cruelty. While the Germans killed methodically and pragmatically, Russians were murdering at random from pure fantasy (which is also shown in the movie), Ukrainians brought living cruelty on this earth. They took insane pleasure in causing pain. It was not enough to kill. They wanted to mutilate, stripped victims of skin, ‘make fun’, while killing babies in front of parents with work tools, burn alive, tear people apart with horses. Smarzowski did not hesitate to show it in Volyn movie and these scenes are really chilling. Methods of killing and torturing by Bandera groups were indeed more, just to mention the infamous “Polish tie” consisting of pulling the tongue through slit throat.
The movie director did not spare any opportunity to show drama of time, when not only death, but also the cruelty became a norm. This movie is brilliant and it’s just as important for Poles, as for Ukrainians. The latter should remind them of how important is the proper selection of national heroes and how obscene is the i.e glorification of Bandera movements. Movie must instead teach about respect for the victims and the guard Angels in dark times. Universal message of Volyn, however, is probably the most important – not to come to the fore fanatics, where evil is called evil, no matter what excuse exists.
Movie director in portraying this part of history is simply genius.
He created a picture, which shows one of the most tragic events in human history, yet showing objective image of those who from victim became revenge oppressor. Photography, dynamics, characters in this movie are simply everything, what viewer would wish for, but to be aware: after watching this epic documentary some may be speechless and completely numb”




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