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Who owns your life? Why Clinton is set to win and how much time humanity has before final act?

Although many Americans are reluctantly going to approach this 2016 year election and it seems both candidate choices are hopeless for them, this particular election shows many globalism dependencies, which are not only loudly discussed, but can be shocking to more than 90% of those who worry about future of USA.
This one website contains all necessary information to grasp idea of what world we live in (click)
It is not a secret that global elite is in charge of many aspects of our life and frankly many people start getting fed up with this crap. Yet, being fed up is not enough. It is not a question of – if this trend exists, rather, people globally start realizing there is some shadowy groups who run show behind the scenes and specifically middle class is getting targeted by them. If anyone thinks about conspiracy, there is none. It is already widely confirmed information which circulates in many different media channels.
Yet, we refuse to recognize how deep is the problem and although many globalists make clear statements about laughing in our face, problem is becoming even bigger, when we realize that only one person can change our history significantly.
Therefore presented here persona, mentioned in many publications already, is still known only to few, yet, in light of current elections or immigration crisis in Europe, this name shows up even more frequently.


It is George Soros.
Just in second presidential debate his name was mentioned by D. Trump, not without a reason. Soros stands in short as a “gray eminence’ behind almost every single crucial event in the world, naming just few like conflict in Ukraine, some recent revolutions, Russian influence in Middle East, defeat of Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s campaign or biggest media coverage case: European flood of so-called “refugees”, who suppose to fully implement Islamization of old continent, to replace educated and bright civilization with slaving mentality society. There are hundreds resources you can verify this information with, which hardly ever get mentioned in main stream media. Why so? Well, George Soros owns certain media corps (apart from countless foundations and organizations operating under philanthropic umbrella), not releasing too much information, which could be found deeply disruptive to the public.
Soros has one powerful tool to deal with many “global headaches” – he believes are his responsibility and mission to be accomplished. He claimed already to be “as messiah/god”, who carries on the agenda of “fixing our lives”. How big implications of it all of us face every day, you can read in quoted below chapters:
Therefore, not just Americans, but the whole world needs to wake up quickly and smell the coffee till it tastes ok, as not only liberties are at stake, but majority of human lives will be eliminated in process.
According to all estimated and heavily paid by “Shadow Group” historical proceedings, we are now on vertical downfall into human decline and those who remain spared, will be nothing more than puppets serving interest of handful life and death masters, who have long traditions of manipulating humanity.
It is no more a conspiracy or science fiction story which could be watched as good comic book, as the only laughing here are the ones, who decide about your next marionette president, how many wars your nation will be or is involved in and how you are going to function each single day in this reality as individual.
Americans and rest of global population are having little time to make a statement what Matrix they choose. Additionally, humanity is facing most crucial existential dilemma. Recent and past eugenics experiments, abortion, euthanasia and other tools of genetic selection are simply a test drives for what is to come.

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