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Poor Journalism

                                                                                 “Our country is now run by politicians accountable to Polish voters, not to German, British  or French left-wing intellectuals”
There are always examples of poor journalism across the globe and there are more examples of tendentious journalism, which gives itself right to assume things before factual check-ups. Latest selected CNN or Washington Post journalists statements about lost of democracy (among other countries quoted) in Poland are the best example of it. Although current government is trying to correct all the false statements, there is Trojan Horse in Poland in shape of opposition, which used to be leading party over year ago. For these folks, majority of Poles decided that they needed to go away, as country was going drastically wrong direction and for the new government leftover stage was nothing but a challenge up to this day.
Opposition however doesn’t sleep. They try from all corners and angles to prove that their defeat was unjustified and in victimized manner they try to send out message to the world which portrays Poland as “lost of democracy” state.
Every time in happens either in EU parliament or information flies across Atlantic to US media reporters, majority of outsiders who have absolutely no idea or refuse to have this idea, portray Poland as fallen country governed by non-democratic standards.
Well, just to give factual picture for journalists especially who claim high level of professional journalism, here we have several examples of what happened.
  1. Previous government (under PO party) did everything possible to cause Poles to emigrate widely to countries like Great Britain, Ireland or Germany and apparently there was no problem with dying demographics of young population including falling apart retirement system because of that. Many families were also discouraged to stay in Poland, as work standard income level and overall direct economical and social impact on average citizen was visibly much lower in comparison to Western European life standard.
       2. There were no programs stopping mass migration, like the ones which exist now:  500+ Program (more money for families with kids) or other supportive measures implemented just recently by current government, which attempts to make easier start-up for young to i.e start independent life (Apartments for the Youth). However current opposition doesn’t seem to see it as positive outcome and continue attacks on present government majority.
        3. During present government ruling, there is finally national historical and social attempt to show past events from Poland’s history in light of seeking truth and justification of what happened to i.e AK (Underground Army) fighters during and after WWII, there is ongoing investigation what exactly happened to plane crash in 2010 with many officials onboard, there are movies released, showing part of very important episodes in Poland’s history. These factual happenings, didn’t take place during PO party ruling, not mentioning the fact truth and information was bended all possible direction.
          4. Current government (represented by PiS party) stands up to EU Parliament and all bogus actions fo those who try to weaken image of Poland at all cost. One of the examples is present trial to clean up judicial system from all the marionettes and servants of foreign interests who are convinced that Poland should not be autonomic state.
 Therefore, there are many Poles convinced with ongoing propaganda, that present government does everything against Poland’s well-being. These Poles got swamped by easy to predict assumption that Poland’s image is extremely not favored in global view.
Present government officials realise they are not going to be in power forever. Neither they claim to be ideal governing body. However, Poland after loosing its freedom over and over again, has another chance to sustain at least for a while.
Present officials try to fix issues, as they piled up throughout last 25 yrs of so-called freedom time period of Poland. Yet, just now, Poles have discovered, how well lies were formulated, how much Poland was depended from other political influences of countries like Russia in recent years and the fact, that previous party made sure this would remain status quo. Majority of Poles got tired of this political theatre.
These Poles, who play into previous rhetorics, present bias opinions, as they are afraid to possibly lose job in current political set-up: working for organizations, companies or entities, which purely represented interest of previous, not current party. Therefore, even with more viciousness, this sort of Poles attack current political and social situation in finally free Poland.
And for those journalists around the globe, who claim baloney statements, not supported by factual events, there is one precious advise: come to Poland, live here for couple years, talk to average citizen, ask right questions and form your statement afterwords. You could be discovering that ignorance and lack of knowledge strike back like boomerang causing lots of damage. Get educated and objective in your professional journalism before you publish anything.

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