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Prediction: How will Trump govern?

Many people feeling huge uncertainty in America ask themselves a one single question: What’s next?  How Trump is going to deliver?
Many have hopes as always and many have fears as always.
Here, I allow myself to bring perspective of an article, which was written in wake of news about Trump presidency (I’m not the author of it). We will see in only couple years, if these observations are/were accurate.
These are the major thoughts on presidency of Trump according to this article:
Trump, even having good intentions, won’t be able to deliver fully. On many different levels. His voters very quickly may turn against him, whenever promises he made, wouldn’t benefit them. Half of America won’t recognize him as president and this one indicator is already enough to understand that there won’t be any unification of Americans. Maybe on the surface things will seemingly run smoothly, but anger of Americans is so extended, there is no turning back anymore.
Trump will definitely be able to deliver on some business negotiations. Either it will be worse or better outcome for Americans, there will be some deals made, which in long run may benefit America. He will also manage to implement some executive actions he talked about. However majority of his ideas and visions will be blocked by Congress. There is internal conflict of interests and politics of Washington will spend more time blocking each other’s ideas, then moving forward.
As stupidity of almost every (with some exceptions and there is no satisfaction in saying it) average American citizen is quite recognized phenomena all over the world, it transfers directly into this presidency term.
People want to believe in change, however most Trump voters have no imagination, therefore recognition, that hope is often a mother of stupidity. Hoping dear Americans is not enough to make “America Great Again“. Education, good knowledge of politics, candidate intentions recognition are the predictors of country’s greatness.
As Americans wake up every day to now very different reality, they will realize, these promises, as always, deliver almost nothing.
Trump may manage to go with repealing Obama care and building the existing wall. However, who is going to pay cost associated with these two projects is questionable. Most likely Americans will end up with the bill, not Mexicans or any other nation. If America will try to force foreign government to comply, it will drive itself into more isolationism and possibly internal war.
He will succeed with border control measures, yet he won’t be able to stop completely flow of illegals or make America safe. Why? It is realistically not possible with best security measures ever in place. Deportations? Someone will have to pay for this too and guess what folks, you won’t be able to put this cost on China. It will come out straight from your pocket. But hey, 11 or more million people less in the country instead. Many years of fishing them out too.
Finally, he will make sure climate change or new energy policies events won’t take place in America, therefore many people all over the world, not just in America, will feel, their planet is going to be affected by solely his decisions alone. This may put a lot pressure on his presidency as people all over the world are not as gullible and peaceful as Americans.
And finally, milestone in form of foreign affairs. As Trump represents little to no knowledge of this huge aspect of any presidency, this chapter will have most devastating implications. Russia will have much better grip of America and the fact Trump himself will make it so much smoother process for Putin. Other countries will take advantage of situation too, becoming a major players, leaving America behind. It is not to said, that America should go to every corner of the world and try to control it as it used to do so, yet, by ignorance of foreign affairs, America may one day…not be America anymore. The glimpse of her is still there. Not much left though, to safe even this glimpse.
On the bright side, we can definitely expect built of new infrastructure and development, maybe even educational system will drag itself through some graceful changes. Economically speaking, only question remains: how Trump will convince CEO of i.e Ford company about bringing his business back to US from i.e Mexico, when in fact, regardless of Trump penalty tax agenda, Ford company CEO is developing even more business in Mexico as we speak, doing well and comfy.
Trump, with all his business smart tactics, may not be able to convince too many business owners with his tax cuts and tax penalties. Why? The business owners put already lot effort and time to build their business abroad…And not too many would enjoy business hostile atmosphere back in US.
Article doesn’t mention issues connected with women treatment, legality of his businesses and so on. However, again and again, even with best intentions, Trump will mostly seat in the house, either it is white one or is the hotel next door and mainly play the role of the King, which he feels he is. It is his background, his family inheritance, his belief, that in his veins blue blood is flowing. But like every King, he has to prove to his people, how heavy crown he can handle. Because, people ultimately will be his judge.
Don’t expect miracles, as there won’t be too many, yet put hope and belief in your future and your kids future, that maybe – just maybe, you and your America will be on right track…




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