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All truth passes through three stages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    First, it is ridiculed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Second, it is violently opposed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”      – Arthur Schopenhauer
Make no mistake: pieces of domino were set into motions and as circles of fall start small, they will take bigger wave at some point.
Populism of people can be only held responsible for this fact as long as certain parties, movements or organizations push to promote this trend. But although some foreseen this scenario long time ago, the law of natures are simple. You don’t obey them, you are part of destruction of not following with obeying.
At the very base all problems lie in economics. Economy from its very principle being run by political kamikaze and banking buddies have only one outcome. Yet, those who scramble to get this baby rolling, want changes on the surface: Federation of Europe, Russian Federation, America’s isolationism, chaotic South America without clear leadership, exploited Africa, everlasting China’s domination or any other big enough worldy candidate to take up on the awful role of world dictator. Game’s on as long as masses play into it and most of newborn generations are becoming more and more confused with this well designed Matrix machine.
Good example is 9/11 or should we rather call it 911?
Will people raise eyebrow in questions they have for America??? They should have. Many of them. There is a lot explanation to be done…. Nowadays, we just want to turn our heads away, pretending all is good.  All is good only in delusional stage. We are, as we are in delusional reality believing words which are said, believing acts which are performed, believing any possible scenario out there, which can feed abstract calmness of our mind. But our mind, contradicting itself still asks questions and it will ask them till the right answer will come across.
To many of us truth is unbearable, it’s not acceptable. It requires to review value system. Requires us to question ourselves….This truth is nothing else but the statement we are afraid to make. We waste our time to try to push away information which is vital to our existence.
  We choose silence and lie….
 Silence lasts only this long and lie lasts only certain time. Ask yourself why you don’t like many facts about life you live. Maybe just then you’ll be able to know why it’s so important to find what happened in past to avoid it in future…
 Call up your own 911. It’s time.
We face all fights and nasty communication exchanges, we face all the parody of money and political ping-ponging. At the end of the day, we are the ones paying taxes and other contributions to those, who have lots of time on their hands to come up with new plans of game.
As Europe slowly starts picking up on tempo of multiple exits and Trump in America announces factual happenings around the world on twitter, our generations are caught in this roller-coaster of uncertainty and shaky times.
Shaky times of course are nothing new and many times before humanity faced all sort of forms of it: from wars to famine to local uprising, hunger and poverty to full human exploitation.
We living in time of extreme ridiculousness where social media become a way of life and average you and me have more virtual friends than real ones. Values are dead, video games are most sought entertainment and AI era is going to take over completely soon.
Good luck world – it is all I have to say.




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