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Poland stand in Europe’s islamization process.

                                        “...if country can not defend its borders, it is doomed to collapse…
For many folks, the message in video is spilling hatred and racism in pure form, yet, for someone who was raised in Poland and know own history, it is simply defense of rights and freedoms, but foremost up keeping near 1000 yrs of history, values, culture and traditions which came with it.
Someone could say, Poles pass same message as populist movement leaders. Yet, for people in Poland it is clear and readily direct:
“...if country can not defend its borders, it is doom to collapse…
However others would perceive this message differently. It is historically proven that societies collapse, when they can not sustain their system of values – this applies to any country in this world and this undeniably is many times viewed as racism, nazism  or any – ism for that matter. But someone who understands Poles view and know country’s history would see the pattern which went on centuries, rather not derived from some cry-out loud claims. To be protective of own nation and country‘s values doesn‘t mean racism.
If you refer to link *Poland* above, you may discover this country used to be extremely multicultural in the past, hitting unprecedented case of having almost every major religion and many nations under “one roof” without any war for over a century!!!
Poland, among only few major players on European stage has stopped Ottoman empire in its attempt to take over Europe in XVI/XVII c., from Nazi takeover of Europe and finally it has beaten communism at the end.

Whether one likes it or not, Poles deserve gratitude and recognition. Nowadays, they are very pronounced as anti-Islam nation in general and in view of many, they could be easily portrayed as homophobic racists. But where indeed the truth does lie here?
Western countries (specifically Europe) are in a big mess nowadays. Eventually old continent will face religious war, as Islamists would not quit their initiated mission.
Cards are played and tables are turning.
Polish people are realizing there maybe only one nation standing against this game, but this doesn’t stop them from voicing out the future role of Europe‘s bastion. Those who are disgusted with this picture need to read more about history and consequences of political decisions. As reality is more vivid than ever, it will prove sooner or later, who was on the right side of the equation…

“In order to recruit militants from around the world, ISIS began publishing Dabiq magazine in multiple languages in July 2014.  Previous publications from the Islamic State included Islamic State News and Islamic State Report, but those issues usually consisted of fewer than ten pages of pictures and short articles. Dabiq, by contrast, ranges from 40 to 83 pages and includes feature articles.  The magazine is crafted to indoctrinate readers to ISIS’s religious legitimacy and battlefield successes. “
Łukasz Warzecha: “Islamic aggression is also our problem”
May 2013 – On a busy street in London, two men truncate the British soldier’s head with a machete. They shout “Allahu akbar!”.
Two years later – men, dressed in orange uniforms, kneel at the seafront. Behind each of them, man in a black suit and a balaclava. Islamic State executioners…. People in orange uniforms are Copts- Christians. On the signal men in black uniforms pull out the knives and cut Copts throats open.
Today – center for refugees in Linin, Poland. In 12 minute movie recorded on mobile phone we can see how the Chechens clash with refugees from other non-Muslim countries (you can hear Russian language). They argue that everyone at the resort should adhere to Islamic norms. Polish guards are passive. “But we are in the European Union!” – concluded woman off the camera sight.
“No, this is an Islamic state! – we hear the answer and supportive explanation: “…because Muslims live here.”
Suddenly, the problem of refugees from countries – in large part Muslim countries  has become very big topic in Poland due to exceptionally hopeless European Union Commission’s idea, to divide equally Africans refugees between all EU Member States, within the predetermined amounts. Some may say that the Polish point of view: it is artificial problem, because even if such decisions were made, immigrants at first chance would fled to Western Europe, which is their real goal.
This may be a fact, but it does not mean that trouble is contrived. This is our problem, because we are part of the West. And the aggressive Islam is the problem of the whole of the West, as Poland is part of European Union.
Today Poland is a 2 attitudes country. First, typical for the left wing and Polish newbies-cosmopolitans, who grew up on chocolate eagle and “Gazeta Wyborcza”, can be summarized in the following words: “We must be open to other cultures, we have to accept poor immigrants from Africa like we tolerate bugs, aggressive Islam is the margin, and whoever says otherwise, he/she is Islamophobe and does not cultivate tolerance”. Even Holy Father of Vatican accept concept of immigrants. Such appeals pope Francis delivers not for the first time- showing- that his contact with reality is very leery.
On the other side realists speak out loud: “There is no room for sentiment. No European nation can afford aggressively flowing  immigration from Africa. And the list of reasons, why we should put firm opposition to the plans of forced welfare for immigrants is becoming very long. The same list justifies opposition to the current policy of closing our eyes to the problem or underestimating its importance. If the West does not come to its senses, then West will wake up eventually when it feels the cold blade of machetes on its neck, held by Muslim fanatics.
In Europe or selected European country, there is no way for careful selection of immigrants. And only the selection on the basis of specific intelligence process, could prevent smuggling among them al-Qaeda militants or Islamic State militants. This, however is completely unrealistic situation when we are talking about at least tens of thousands of people migrating across the European borders. The only way is to seal them and close the door. Exactly as Australia did so. The country has two methods of dealing with migrants: either returned them on the high seas (if necessary – by providing humanitarian aid), or enclosed in camps, from which they can only leave, if they choose to return to their country. Zero sentiments. Australian politics policy is hard, but brutally effective.
Secondly, the experience of Western Europe and multi-culti mentality shows how giant is a danger we are facing nowadays. The West is already fully aware of the fact that this insane “tolerant attitude” goes nowhere and brings everyone to the dead-end.
Of course, stories of immigration to the various countries of Western Europe are different. In a few cases it is historical consequence of these countries fate – i.e UK is simply collecting the fruits of their imperial past;  France is being affected by colonial exploits history in Africa. In other cases it is the result of errors and ideology – as in the case of Germany, where in the 80s many Turks were brought into the country to perform simple jobs, but no thought was given to what would be a consequence of bringing people from foreign cultural circles. Sweden, obsessively tolerant country hosts immigrants in power, where entire Muslim enclaves exist, just to promote aggressive Islam, feared by Swedish police. Similar problems Norway has.
The massive influx of immigrants to Western Europe clicked in perfectly with European lost of identity. So what with immigrants have to integrate with? With gay parades in Amsterdam? or absurd jokes of “Charlie Hebdo”?
Not surprisingly, the militant ideology of Islam enter into this ideological void like knife into butter and gaining huge popularity. If the ruling politicians in European countries knew a great book of philosopher Feliks Koneczny (1862-1949) “About the multiplicity of civilizations” perhaps Europe would not commit such errors….
On the web you can find countless videos, among which one is showing how the bearded Muslim approaches English policeman on a London street and begins pointing out a wrist band on policeman uniform: “Support Our Heroes” – latex bracelet symbolizing support for British troops. The context is clear: British soldiers are fighting with the Islamists, so the bearded man does not like it. He accuses police of illegal “political message”. Policeman finally meekly takes off the bracelet. Maybe he’s afraid that the next day someone cut his head off with a machete. Th Brussels market does not supply clients with Christmas trees in Christmas time, so no Muslim is accidentally offended. The weakness of the West is an INVITATION for aggressive ideological expansion.
Thirdly, contrary to the aesthetes, Islam contains the elements of aggression against non-Muslims unlike Christianity. Islam has of course many fractions and a significant proportion of Muslims who want to live peacefully. This does not change the fact that aggressive Salafi Islam is not the margin, but one of the main trends. Young people from Caucasus region, including Chechnya, flock to fight in ranks of Islamic State.  Muslims from Western Europe, including converts also join.
If someone states honestly that Islam is a religion of peace, they would have to rethink it again in light of what is happening now…. Islam overall supporting peaceful lifestyle is also recruiting fanatics among Islamic converts.
In the short film showing Chechens in Linin center we may assume that most of them are not al-Qaeda or the Islamic State fighters, but their reasoning is equally shocking and interacts with above statements. Wherever Muslims live, there is only Muslim lifestyle. The principle of Muslims adapting to the rules of the host country is an alien concept to their cultural environment.
Fourth: Poland does not have any, even slightest interest, in taking on its territory several thousands of African refugees, except those for which there would be certain that they are Christians, persecuted for their faith. There is no, even the smallest advantage, which Poles might relate to. It would be very dubious ethically, while Polish citizens, because the immigrants policies, have to equip refugees, give them living space, give a job etc. Would it be fair to those Polish citizens, who are themselves in genuine need, and where the Polish state is not supporting own people in ANY way? NO.
Fifthly, there are arguments that never less we will not be able to guarantee a hundred percent security
Yes, but is it the answer is to bringing even more danger upon our heads?
Three bombings, which occurred few days ago (France, Kuweit and Tunisia), had one goal: to destabilize the region. It is easier to achieve this objective in Tunisia, more so than in France, but “drop hollows the rock”. Only few people are needed to carry out such an assault on others…
These few people easily can sneak among the few and even more so among thousands of immigrants refugees. In the name of what we risk it? In the name of ideological fantasies soy latte coffee drinkers, detached from reality aesthete living in big cities?
These idealists of never-ending tolerance would fall first victims of the fundamentalists and till last-minute would repeat their nonsense. This type is simply not reformable.
Polish interest and a duty is primarily care and opportunity given to our compatriots from the East. In the second place – the reception of immigrants from Ukraine and Belarus – countries with which we share a common culture and a piece of history. In the next row are refugees who do not provide us with a measurable threat, and that if in their countries danger is too massive – like Syrian Christians. Next – immigrants from East Asia, many of them in East Europe (especially from Vietnam), and who are perfectly integrated into the host country – hard workers, sending their children to Polish schools and show that the problem is not immigration as such, even with culturally distant areas, but specifically Islamic immigration becomes the problem. And this list ends. Although it sounds brutal – it does not have place and can not exist for Muslims from Africa or the Middle East.

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