kNOWledge is the poWEr

Changing World

Dying Planet Earth

As it was many times mentioned in wise books, recent researches and using human intuition, we still don’t get full grasp of how the damage of our surroundings, specifically nature, is leading us to as we are now, to slow death process.
How important is quality of water, air, preserving green planet and reducing human resources, the time will only tell.
And although we have warning signs from all over directions, although many great technologies provide it to us, we don’t stand a chance. To survive we will have to become mutants, organisms which can deal with never before genetically conditioned fact.
Amount of air pollution and gas emissions, ozone layer thinning, water sources being reused as there is almost none in natural stage to be consumed and every other ways of throwing out of balance this earth, soon enough, will force us to new existence if we can survive….

There is nothing unusual about it: we drink contaminated water, we breath in oxygen not in its pure stage, we eat foods, genetically modified and filled with chemicals. What outcome do we expect?
Outcome is already here. Weak immune response, more diseases, allergies, uncontrollable moods, poor quality of every day life….List goes on. And as wishful thinking is in making, humans keep going to where they should avoid at all cost.
We spend a ridiculous amount of time, concentrating on meaningless matters, instead we consume more and more, killing our own race. consume by any means. This planet can only rest, if there is not even one human being left.
Alarming sound is there, but those who hear it are still in minority…. And history goes on till it’s too late to act.

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This entry was posted on January 29, 2017 by in populism, technology and tagged , , , .

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