kNOWledge is the poWEr

Changing World

War Games

        “Defense measures of any superpower are nothing else as its actual offense upon the rest of this world”


Observation of what is happening in recent years leads many folks (among them army professionals and anyone in “business of war”) that there is carefully crafted plan of WW3 done by major power.
Pushing attitude of America, Russia or China in certain regions of the world are classical scenario of what is initiated and what masses could expect in near future.
If you simply follow-up with some mainstream news you can see that they usually do discuss a lot ” a growing tension” tendencies and “drumming the drums of war”. Of course it is usual scenario throughout history however this is first time, when some people realize, it has nothing to do with “enemy”, rather it is designed to sustain a status of so-called superpowers.
Unquestionable is the fact that there can be ONLY one superpower in the world and although many people want to view Russia or China pretending to be one, the real reins belong to US.
And that is exactly the moment when the whole game starts. To small countries in Europe it is becoming obvious that they may become once more (as many times in history) a playing card for powerful countries with leadership of US – which is hoping that next war would bleed out lots of people veins outside of American soil.
History however can be very ironic and once boomerang is thrown away, it comes same trajectory from opposite side. Nowadays politics may be viewed as insane or stupid, but major superpowers leaders (refer to above links) realize what this game is about.
There are many voices heard around that especially eastern region of Europe considering Baltics, Poland and neighbouring countries shouldn‘t fall for this game. Because the major blood spill would happen in these particular countries, however politicians of smaller countries are not having enough power to stop certain directives from happening, knowing that sooner or later major conflicts will erupt and sacrifice people, who would never want to be in these conflicts in the first place.
This takes place already in Middle East and other regions as cumbersome attempt to support petro-dollar strength.
Trojan horse is introduced all around Europe and other parts of the world, which suppose to become a ground for next world scale conflict, but as people are less naive than in the past, they wish for this conflict to happen (if it‘s already orchestrated) in territories of major players. This however is “wishful thinking“.
Many local army generals warn young people from becoming again a fish bait for big countries, which want to establish their position of power. Nevertheless, this is suicidal mission, as small countries simply don‘t have a say so. The WW3 is in final stages of preparation and public in general doesn‘t want to take in these messages.
WW3 like many other wars is a scam. Unfortunately many small countries fall for this scam successfully, either because of no choice or with gullible expectation of provided personal and national securities….
What could turn these war games around?

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