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Little lesson about NAFTA deal…

In very general terms, deal happens, when it suppose to benefit each side of agreement. There should be predicted downfalls and uprights in each deal, however good insight came from one of the articles, which part of is translated here:
Twenty years after the entry of NATO into force, the system has appeared as not meeting the expectations of the initiators, but also raised more controversy then ever before. More often it is blamed for causing the liquidation of American industry.
Perot has already foretold this back in 1992s : “If this agreement is signed, it is a moment we will hear a big bang. It will be the sound of final subsidence of factory industry, being officially buried in the process. In 80s we (America) gave away 2 million jobs to Asia, remaining rest would now be transferred below our southern border”. Studies confirm that as a result of NAFTA  700 thousands Americans lost their jobs, only because car makers have benefited from the chance of obtaining cheap labor in Mexico.
Critics of NAFTA indicate that the system has led to lower wages in the US and reduced drastically employee benefits. Labour unions became its next victim, for  whom politicians and employers started having complete disregard.
Explanation of Nafta for dummies:
Another unwanted effects include: growing trade deficit between the US, Mexico and Canada (60 billion USD and 5.8 billion USD respectively by the end of 2015). Additionally it brought huge wave of illegal immigration from Mexico, with which no administration in Washington could cope till now. Migration increased, because NAFTA parallelly has contributed to the destruction of traditional Mexican agriculture based on small private property, finalizing it with corporations taking over the land and Mexican market being flooded by cheap food from United States. In the end, the biggest dispute and major critical point about the meaning of NAFTA is an accusation that the only purpose of the adoption of this system was to liberate US corporations from the obligation to care for average employee (otherwise obliged by tough labor laws in the United States)”
Explanation of Nafta for the rest (frankly intelligent :))
That’s in short. Longer story about NAFTA you can research yourself from many sources available.
Nowadays, business defines everything. It‘s definitely a risky juggling between right diplomacy and negotiation, but truly America is probably and ironically the biggest looser in this NAFTA limbo “deal”.
Attempts to end it can be supported by many other facts, considering that Dem.Senator Bernie Sanders himself also (not without a reason) wanted to opt out of this doubtful “agreement”.
The major question is: how America is going to cope with reality now, as bringing jobs back is one agenda, however, to survive in ever changing reality of high-tech demand and other manufacturing sectors being replaced by machines, could be a next big challenge for introvert in current times America.
If there are bright minds missing in this land (apart from hard-working labour), there would be small chance America can take back all the lost it incurred in the past and turn it around. Education is a key to manage to train and support future working force which also will shape very differently than force created back in 60s or 90s.
Going away from NAFTA is one thing. What would replace this void? Definite answer belongs to potential of American workers. But to present potential, they have to be well-educated, innovative, fast-forward and predicting next steps of development to catch up with the rest of the world….




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