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Nostradamus Prophecies

Although I had never inclination to analyze prophecies or take part in “cracking down” the mystic symbols, it is quite significant, that one day the tought of Nostradamus name came to me in reference of 3rd anti-Christ, which according to researchers of Nostradamus writings and supporting images, portrays exact image of events, ultimately leading to biggest human-kind apocalypse.
And as many “Nostradamus sources” can be extremely misleading in terms of interpretations, some historical and documentary movies were earnestly and solely created, just to give authenticity to his times and prophecies (still being dissaproved by claims of those, who see many discrepancies between analogies etc.)
These are few supporting theories according to historians:
As Nostradamus himself never had talent to draw pictures, there was a number of very well crafted, well documented images, in reference to his prophecies. Some even assume, it could be his son, who had good training and natural talent in drawing, therefore, it was easier to transfer visions and have more vivid portrait of what is to come. Some claims the drawing were created in completely different time. However, the book is known under name: “Lost book of Nostradamus
Regardless of historical value of this book, what strikes is one of the images of pope (supposedly representing last official papacy of his times and existence of Vatican), having sword coming out of his mouth to eliminate evil. Interestingly, next to pope (according to interpretation again) is Nostradamus himself, who shows partially his dark side of human, being represented as anti-Christ in this picture. My thought, which came before seeing this image, confirmed possibly extremely ironic guess, who indeed Mabus himself would be represented by…
As we know Nostradamus was endangered in his times on numerous occasions, being seen as too controversial and on many platforms, too influential individual (therefore always trying to gain support from people of power) running risk of being executed by Holy Inquisition, especially as he gave horrific visions of Catholic church facing real troubles in our times, including end of days for Vatican as we know it.
Encoding in this particular case, would mean splitting XVIc. visionary name into two: Nostra-Damus, choosing second part as most significant. As with many of his coded messages, shifting letters vertically and puzzling them (case of Hister: Hitler or combined names of 3 French towns, which formed ultimately Napoleon name) could reveal final name as the ultimate answer. When we turn letter d over (mirror image)- it shows up clearly as b and if we shuffle rest of letters, it ends up with the name….Mabus.
In pure sense of this finding: Nostra (Mabus) = (Damus),  portraying here evil part of humanity would be a representation of last anti-Christ…This consequently proves the point of image with him being close to pope punishing (as God) humanity.
In Nostradamus quatrains- being obviously translated into many languages (hence, possibility of wrong interpretations) – Mabus death would come quickly and mark the coming of immediate Apocalypse. As humans attack humans on scale and viciousness, which is seen nowadays, Mabus would represent the most powerful message, with Evil standing against army of Good (Book of Revelation).
According to Bible, good ultimately would win this battle throwing Satan into depths of his kingdom for 1000 yrs. We also need to remember that according to many analysis, symbolic time frames in Bible are interpreted very differently to human time.
Of course we can find many supporting claims of those who (not false ones) insist, they know part of future, as if they have met with Christ or visited heaven.
As reference: (based on facts and described in book: “Heaven exists for real”)
Of course, there are many out there who gave false statements, but this particular example is quite striking as it describes boy, who not only gives an overwhelming amount of details and “heavenly” knowledge, before being able to comprehend it, but also his version is aligned with version of the girl, who painted image of Christ and claimed the same statements without knowing the boy’s story.
As he saw the image created by the girl who was raised in atheist Lithuanian family (Lithuania is considered second most atheist country after Czech Rep.), boy claimed that portrayed face was exact representation of Jesus. Interestingly, these two have never met before until the realm of the book showing finally more meaning to their strikingly similar stories.
You can familiarize yourself with her story here:
Denying or not above claims, we need to remember that visions from Nostradamus are strikingly in line with either Bible or other viable sources exclaiming upcoming apocalyptic times.The question is not about whether we would recognize a 3rd anti-Christ, as he is already present in many of us (trickery on its own to identify him) but it is rather: would Mabus be represented by individual or by part of humanity as a whole?
This could give us the answer, why it would be so hard to identify him and defeat him, as he would come as messenger of peace inside of many.
Future can be re-written and either believers or non-believers will become a center of future events. If we “read between the lines“, we may fulfill these prophecies or avoid them. Choice ultimately always belongs to us.

2 comments on “Nostradamus Prophecies

  1. temberowa
    July 17, 2017

    Thanks for the insightful thoughts, will check it out David. Post and share more. Some of my blog posts refer to each other, so we can exchange more info in the future.


  2. David Montaigne
    July 9, 2017

    The main thing Nostradamus predicted for the years 2001-2028 is a slowly accelerating 27 year war between Islam and Christianity. Within a few more years America will be temporarily knocked down, Europe will be invaded and WWIII will be fully under way. Russia, China, and India will all be at war – and as I interpret the prophecies, Nostradamus specifically describes India being on the victorious side against Islam.

    Read: Nostradamus And The Islamic Invasion Of Europe –

    In case you’re more interested in some of the other topics above, also consider:

    End Times and 2019 –

    Antichrist 2016-2019 –


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