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Doom of America

Sadly, but surely the article shows reality of America‘s falling society (refer to link at the end of this article).
One would think, that country – with such potential of many people coming to one place (ironically never mingling with each other too well) and creating freedoms – so loudly exclaimed – would end up as historical success on many levels. However contrary is the truth.
Many before and many after would rise and fall. And America is not an exception.
What does it mean, as we observe for years developing tendencies of a country, which has poorly or non educated majority, badly designed healthcare system, political greed running every single aspect of average citizen’s life and finally administrative monkey zoo theatre in current times, which may only be just an initial indicator of speed, at which American society is accelerating to become Fall of America theme.
(…) “The collapse has two faces,” Dr Galtung told the tech news site, “Other countries refuse to be good allies and the USA has to do the killing themselves, by bombing from high altitudes, drones steered by computer from an office, special forces killing all over the place” (…)
Ref.  How did ‘Simpsons’ predicted the effect of Trump’s presidency?
Regardless of all the problems, each country on the surface of this Earth rely on its existence through the power of the people.
But what does it mean exactly?  This could be a short answer to it:
    1. People who realize their roots origin and preserving these roots vs. American society having no root base WHATSOEVER (various origin of many nationalities). The only root base it had – Indian heritage – was stolen, divided and created ultimately dire reality for indigenous being put in reservations. Which civilized country does it?
    2. People with strong system of beliefs (supported by tradition of certain monolith religious trend) vs. multi-religious and multi-branch American religious affiliation (strong sect appearance). Americans have numerous religious branches, from which half preach absolute nonsense, another half cashes out quite big checks, out of naivety of its hard core believers.
    3. People representing highly intelligent society, which is well-trained, educated and proactive vs. very low-level of American education and underlying various problems connected with this fact. Explanation? Not needed. Ask average American who is/was their president or vice-president. He/she will struggle. Ask who are Kardashians – all America will give you petty details of saga life.
    4. People, which represent tolerance to differences, different  races etc. vs. ongoing on deep level racial and cultural issues of American society. Medieval ages mentality? That is right, you don’t need a time vehicle. You can visit America and experience backed up regulations, paradox laws like gun laws (recent ongoing debate) and “white boy” vs. “black gangster” or vice-versa cat-mouse game.
    5. Geopolitical, economical and social potential of the country….vs. potential of America, which could be successfully utilized, but as corpocracy set the tone of daily reality, America is sold out as a nation on each of these levels. Corporates, not the government rule the country. NRA rules the country. Google rules the country. Forget government.
This could go on, but purpose of this very written piece, is to show how closely America is to become a fallen society. In other words it is what many before described as “collapsed civilizations”. In history of humans, Roman Empire, British Empire or numerous kingdoms could be a good example of constant changes, which evolve within time to shape specific reality, however, in majority of these cases history saved  nations in a way to carry out their long-lasting existence. Maybe not in a glorious and powerful way, as it once was, however, only few cases of lost civilizations would show how deeply rooted the problem behind the circumstances of their death was.
Most civilizations lasted long time, some took very sharp turn and fell apart. Many good insights you can find in books of Jared Diamond “Collapse, How Societies choose to fail or succeed“. Summarizing the topic, I would refer to very interesting analysis of Professor Turchin which you can find here.

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