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Trump and his America

«…a leadership is exact reflection of its nation…»


Phobias are on the rise, but interestingly, this is one of the most accurate summaries of how Trump-phobia is developing in America (direct partial translation of article from WP opinie)
“…So, instead of debates, America has now riots on the streets, knocking out the windows, clashes with police, burning effigies, hysterical shouting as manifesto of the new opposition. The ideological message consists of two words and two syllables: “Fuck Trump”
It is not limited to streets, albeit in a slightly longer statements: well-known and popular America represents the same view. Sarah Silverman called for a military coup, Whoopi Goldberg compared Trump to Taliban, Judd Apatow called on protesters to ensure that they were not afraid to use violence.
The Escalation of Resistance
With the rescue media impartiality came to play as well. “Der Spiegel” cover futures Trump presented in a Islamist pose, holding severed and bloody head of the Statue of Liberty.
“The Economist” portrayed Trump as bandit, throwing a Molotov cocktail at America. British, American and Mexican tabloids «glued» to his face a mustache, calling him “fascist” and “new Fuehrer.” Irish ‘Village “even went a step further. On the cover we see US president with sniper rifle, leveled in the back of the head. The caption: “Why not”. Without question mark.
Exactly “why not” summarizes Donald Trump as a new Hitler. For many of his opponents at this point analogy to Nazism does not end there. White House chief strategist, quite frankly is called by many commentators and celebrities a «America’s Goebbels».
Although old politics used these tricks as well, this is the moment in which absurdity becomes counter-effective. Would you say that Melania Trump is next Eva Braun, Ben Carson is Joseph Mengele, and Jeff  Sessions a Heinrich Himmler? Do Trump supporters remain as members of the Hitler Youth?
In journalist words – after Trump won the election in the United States – “his winning caused that everyone could feel normally with his sexism, racism and xenophobia…”
America has reached the new low. Not because Trump’s triumph, but because it is exact reflection of him. There is old saying: «a leadership is a reflection of the nation».
So, there you go America. Stop whinning. It is your new leadership standard now.



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