kNOWledge is the poWEr

Changing World


             “Our life undeniably is driven by lack of sense and sensibility and this is what ultimately is ending our existence here for good” – Author
Since I remember there was always a question in my head, what exactly is the reason of being on this planet? Except of existential dilemma, we can not deny world itself is incredible in every inch, however, looking at what majority of people are bringing to this world, my question mark about existence here is ever-growing and of incomprehensible size.
Many, if not majority of human life aspects is absolutely out of line. From global problems like human trafficking to local issue like cultural differences.
Although humans had a lot of time to learn and adjust to this world throughout centuries, it seems, with every passing day, we all go backwards.
Wars, famine, hunger, death toll….list is endless and for alerted observer, it makes absolutely no sense to exist on this planet in the human form.
Recent events happening all over the world are just another example of how wrongly humanity takes each turn. We seem not to be able to solve anything: from humanitarian crisis, all the way to everyday life struggle.
Humans still don’t question one of the biggest scams of existing systems: whether it is political or financial system. Many of us believe that French La Pen or American Trump will change our future for the better, yet we don’t see connection between how politics affect our every aspect of life, starting with control over money – everlasting mamona we all submit to. Many years ago, there were continuous reminders popping up once in a while, that we live in pure Matrix, where we have a role of puppets or slaves and rest is designed to serve this purpose to benefit few. Humans all over the planet still believe, governments or financial systems benefit us or are the only solution and answer to our everyday life.


Most of us don’t travel, don’t educate ourselves and don’t search for ultimate answers. Most of us don’t develop ‘feel’ for reality. We are encapsulated in some sort of cubicle of our little dreams about the big world and easy life, agreeing to anything or almost anything, what is provided on golden plate of solutions, coming from those who know, how easily we can be controlled. Every day we get up, pay automatically taxes and agree for supporting endless wars, which only few have interest in. Every day, we pay our share of sweat for those, who have endless work day-off and with zombic grin on our face, we try to explain to ourselves, that it is for good of our children and self-satisfaction from job we have or lifestyle we choose.
If anyone of us would ask honest question, why, do we think we are living this type of life and what it serves, almost none of us would find a sensible and explanatory answer.
Humans tend to believe that advancing technology will better their life and create equally shared world when everyone receives a fair amount of respect and fulfillment. We lie in our face with every passing day, that next generation will have better future, but still we need only to dream about it. We dream, but our dreams belong to someone else and are realized by few.
Why are we here? With all, what is happening in the world, you ask yourself: is this all humans can achieve? War, hunger, societal crisis, human misery…. In 70-90% this is the current world we create. Of course not everything is black and white and not everything is lost. There are bright living souls, which try to settle example of how to live purposely and meaningfully. Are they successful? Are they visible enough, readable enough? Do humans want to choose path of enlightenment or path of destruction?
We can easily answer last question. Humans last, like many beings before and many beings after. More important question is: can we last in different environment?, can we preserve instead of destroying? and can we sustain instead of collapsing our civilization?
Presently, most of the humans quietly agree to destruction and death. Very few seem to choose life and creation. How much longer we can live in this bubble of Matrix? No one knows. But with this type of life, it would be more desirable to live elsewhere and fulfill our destiny better. There must be a world, where everything is in balance and harmony. This is the world I seek and would definitely choose over the one here…

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