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Polish Inventions and the World

While the world is busy getting into drama of wars, conflicts, political theatre and regional power control, Poles  (more on Poland and Poles) are busy with solutions, being more and more widely recognized for incredible minds  and national focus to create and save humans from upcoming catastrophes on huge scales. With incredibly well established and high level education institutions, Poles use any means and ways to create things  like artificial leaves getting rid off heavy city pollutions. That is just one of the examples of how well our life can be utilized, when we carry on with great traditions of preserving creative minds.
1. Poles discovered a fight agent against any cancer form…
“In the opinion of experts from all over the world it is discovery that you can compare to discovery of radium and radioactivity in medicine” – says Dr. Robert Dwiliński, director of the Center for Technology Transfer at the University of Warsaw.
Firms Sanofi is sponsoring this project and its patent.
In short: there is need for increased mRNA stability and productivity: molecules which are copies of small fragments of DNA. Their task is to transfer genetic information -a recipe for a specific protein. Depending on which protein provision is transmitting molecule to cells, there will be desired effect. This can trigger NATURAL processes of the body to battle cancer. Normally longevity of mRNA is extremely short, however Poles have discovered a way how to manage protein production.
2. Military combat kombinezon
Some may think of the game “Crisis”, in which nanokombinezon gave a fighter unbelievable ability. Polish solution is created as super equipment useful to soldiers and paramedics.
3. Resistance to bacteria
“We have developed a substrate based on polymer-coated mats, gold or silver, which we used both for filtration of bacteria from complex biological systems, from the urine or cerebrospinal fluid, and even individual mobilization of microorganisms in a particular location of the substrate” – explains PAP Agnieszka Kaminska from the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Analysis of this type are cheap and quickly manageable. Thankfully to this technique s a result, there is a chance that influence meningitis inflammation would be much lower.
4. Solution for bees and us – humans…
The researchers – at the University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, University of Life Sciences in Lublin and Jagiellonian University in Krakow created a product, which is not only safe for humans, but also effective in treating bee diseases. Expected to be available in sales in 2017.
Why is this so important? About 100 species of plants provide 90% of world food, and 71 of these 100 species are pollinated by bees – explain specialists. Therefore it is important that the bees don’t die in huge numbers. Poles can fortunately remedy that.
5. Battery?
Polish scientists from Warsaw University have developed a new type of battery. Based on the electrode materials that are already in use, they minimize the use of volatile components. As a result, the operational safety of the battery is considerably higher than at present. This method can easily be applied according to researchers from Poland, also in electric cars. This is just the beginning but milestone for many.
In light of Americans viewing themselves as proud nation of immigrants, let’s find out how much they know about Poland:


6. Biggest telescope on this planet? Created by Poles….
Telescope ELT will be the largest optical infrared telescope in the world, several times larger than currently used ones by astronomers. 2024 year is scheduled to be a utilizing this project. This gigantic device, which size is indicated by its name Extremely Big Telescope (ELT) – will be produced in Poland.
Poles were chosen because they have experience in the production of precision components including space probes and landers to Mars. SENER Poland company emphasizes that it will cooperate with Polish entities, so it’s a chance for many other Polish companies to develop and gain valuable experience.
Sener Poland is also expected to provide the equipment for the space mission ExoMars and Euclid. The first aim is studying a dark energy of the universe, and the second will focus on … looking for signs of life on Mars. Jeeps for that purpose will be launched in 2020, and the Poles make up an electrical connection mechanism, the so-called ‹umbilical cord›, which will connect with Mars rover lander.The entire production of this mechanism is implemented in Poland.
7. Revolutionary protein
Instead of animal protein and soy protein there is a proposal of Lodz start-up Napiferyn Biotech. Lodz has developed a unique technique for extracting edible protein from rapeseed, which can be used in beverages, bread, pasta, desserts, or in protein bars.
8. Universe and Poles
Finally, we have some solutions from Polish researchers about protecting our planet from ever-growing threat of collision impact from universe objects. Responsible for it is Creotech Instruments. The company from Piaseczno is the only Polish company that participates in the project Space Situational Awareness (SSA) operated by the European Space Agency (ESA). The consequent result of this project is the world’s first early warning system against such threats. Consisting of a network of telescopes Neosted, which contain supersensitive cameras (Charge Coupled Device)




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