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Changing World

Around the Globe

Situation in extreme shortcut on global affairs:
Regardless of regional powers influence, we all have to deal with natural resources crisis, growing social unrest, economical collapse, technological advancement leading to change of human role in the world (trans-humanism etc.), finally dominance of ideologies, which are a substantial threat to everyday existence.
On Russia:
There is no doubt Putin is most powerful man  in current politics on global stage. His reach is more than just politics. However, for those who think, he would fight open war, they are deeply mistaken. Putin uses other tactics,  causing in other countries full political, economical and social submission. Implications of these tactics will be fully recognize after many years from now. Russia has 8 time zones, more than enough natural resources and shakes literally every corner of this world. Putin also has one of the highest (either perceived by media or public opinion) support ratings for many years in a roll. Russia successfully plays and can play smaller or bigger players on political scene and there is little to none recognition how this sophisticated game is played.
      ***   Recognition of Russian Politics
On America:
America is entering decline, in its global and even local power scale. It is partially due to Trump politics, speeding up this process, but also long-lasting lack of understanding and denial that American globalism can not sustain in current form for much longer. There is even bigger underlying problem hidden in American society, which is fully represented by deeply under-educated and politically gullible citizens,  who grasp only partial idea of domestic politics and have completely misguided view on international politics. America’s decline is a slow, but steady process, which will take up on social, economical and international aspect of how America is viewed and how Americans view others*
     ***  analysis of current situation in American reality:  American Declining Influence in coming years
On China:
China is and will be raising horse of the game. It will downplay many of its neighbours and stir up major upheavals to existence of smaller countries. China economically will view ups and downs of own politics, but will uphold position of dominance in coming years. China is undeniable leader in newest technologies which ultimately will change all aspects of old traditional approach from daily life to cosmic tourism. This could be a trigger for open war scenario between America and China. China poses also global threat  element in terms of natural environment due to ever-growing population and its destructive expansion. This is accompanied by American aggressive usage of natural resources.
      ***   China’s Plan Layout
On Middle East:
For many years Middle East quietly developed high level technologies from construction to money market which allow it to be most competitive region of the world. However Middle East prefers local power dominance due to fact regions can be easier controlled, therefore as a global player it portrays not an obvious threat. Major problem however lays in specifics of social views and implementation of the laws which currently take over interpretation of local laws  i.e in European Union. As an example: populism movement in some of the European countries is caused by the fact that neither politics or justice system seem to be powerful enough to stop judicial proceedings of Islam laws.
       * case of Sweden where local laws are not being implemented due to Islamic interpretation of international laws (read:  sex in marriages of Muslim minors residing in UE)
Ultimately, global support for political and religious leaders of Islam and its practices, will lead to long-lasting conflict which will change dynamics of old continent. Islam current practices in Europe eventually will be defeated, however shape and style of social life will be changed irreversibly.

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