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Collective Idiotism. Why are we THIS stupid and can we fix it somehow?

Various channel media have to get their numbers and facts right about London attack, but even more importantly (apart from our noble social media reality), people need to realize the huge impact of idiotic policies, which paved the way for so many tragedies happening since humanity concept exists.
Today, we hear about Belgium, yesterday we heard about London and tomorrow: we are going to hear another, not appealing at all story, all because voters, population and nations altogether are still convinced that populism or right-wing movement is something different as contrary to status quo. Well, there is big news here. Your reality won’t change. Not even an inch. Null, zero, nada.
There will be more shocking and hard facts rolling out in front of our eyes. People will be genuinely and again upon again, shocked, asking themselves, what reality we live in. But why should we be so shocked? That we have missed the point all along and by mile, that those in power make decisions, which have now far-reaching implications for lives of average John Smith? Is someone here discovering America?
America was discovered once. That is more than enough. However, having more stupidity in the world is not a desired perspective to humanity existence.
Travel Bans. Good example.
Incredibly intellectually questionable countries, came up with  ‘genius in its character’ travel bans proposals and directives, to give false impression of safety. We have discovered just now, that carrying electronics in carry on luggage, wouldn’t be a good idea. For years it seemed to be, but not any longer. Flight passengers in the past had substantive doubts about safety of their belongings, when being put in checked-in luggage. Hilariously enough, only some countries are on this very special list of concern. Not only it hurts significantly Middle East business (as the real reason behind all this ‘safety’ precautions), but creates precedence of deeply upset tax payers, hostility growing with every second and isolationism.
And explanation for that? You guessed it (given, you have any thinking ability leftovers). Just another silly (and extremely harmful) policy, which ultimately will create even more problems around the world. But why would politicians or those in power care? They still have their profits, satisfaction that another excuse for their actions was given and finally public, who is gullibly convinced by inborn idiotism, that it is just a right thing to do. This applies to whole list of building walls or creating more physical and psychological obstacles all around. For enough intelligent observer, it is obvious that extreme ridiculousness has nothing to do with making this world more safe or sound. This mantra repeats since days of everlasting wars, which can justify human intervention and atrocities. It has everything to do with business as usual.
When we don’t know what is it all about, it is all about money, folks. Plain, simple and clear.
Let’s not forget this golden rule.
Instead we face now more sophisticated ways for new technologies to evolve as counterparts to presented  ideas. And when new technologies and tricks are invented, they are usually step ahead of any ‘brilliantly’ implemented changes. No matter how hard one side is trying, another will have lot fun with overcoming this game of Matrix.
People seem to be still surprised that politicians, rich and power shakers i.e play golf for cost of their taxes or ride their backs, while having big laugh about destroying reality around them. Even more: this collective stupidity is spreading in bigger and deeper circles of self-denial, that reality, quite vividly,  is simply screwed up on every possible level.
We support idiotism, as in times of cavemen. With exception, that cavemen were more tuned with nature and seemed to get better ideas for self-survival. In our present times even this can not be handled in a normal manner.
Every time we get news, true or fake, we all come to conclusion that nothing can be done. Only when one of our family members or ourselves, get into this stupidity spiral, then we seem to develop idea of reaction.
Now, all British Parliament is reacting: standing in silent solidarity for those whose lives are lost because we bend stupidly this low. This ‘silent solidarity‘ has happened way too many times in our history. Nothing is being done to tackle real problems, like balancing financial existence of different countries, developing smart competition between them, developing good educational systems etc. to have as ultimatum near 100% humanity literate and capable of applicable innovation.
Instead we have way too much ‘lost’ youth, who come to self-destructive conclusion that it is better and more sufficient to die for some sick ideology or in the name of convictions which are from the very roots of born-evil. And this youth takes with them more innocent lives.
People are constantly concerned about paying their taxes and considering their kids being safe, but hardly few think, what implications can exist for those, who stop carrying about their own destiny in life and get easily brainwashed.
Even, when this many centuries have passed, we still didn’t learn one single lesson. Collective idiotism may easily earn Holiday Celebration of the Year.
Nothing stands in its way. Definitely, not us.

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