kNOWledge is the poWEr

Changing World

Prognosis – 2017

Few prognosis or predictions quite directly describe year 2017:
1. First Year of major changes in 4 year cycle.
2. Big scale movements, strikes, demonstrations, many people angered and demanding change.
3. Biggest and most powerful countries affected the most. Including fact one of them will face a change on a scale of Soviet Union collapse. Comparable global impact.
4. Attempt to kill known and influential person (caliber of president etc.) No success.
5. Many Extremists attacks, mainly in major cities carried out by ‘lone wolfs’. Big number of people affected. Methods with usage of local transport.
6. Year of raised aggression, vicious attacks. Possibility of major, global scale conflict.
7. Finances in turmoil in 2/3 quarter of 2017.

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