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Syria – Unbelievable? You bet not. It is happening right in front of your eyes.


“This war, like many others, was planned and executed to the point of no return. To all humanity it means next step of global scale conflict”
If you ever wonder what this war is really about, then read on and use further links.
It seems Syria is entering last stage of what is, according to many predictions, a signal of global scale conflict. However, with many red flags all over many locations, it is hard to predict precisely how events will unfold, regardless of their intensification.
Global leaders and average Joe are preparing for major conflict  to erupt and we have little to no time to prepare. Some of us awaiting these news, as another confirmation of past visions, some watch in disbelief, how evil plays its cards on the table and some still can not grasp idea of what is happening to humanity.
But we are all in this together – we like it or not. Once heinous acts are performed, they tend to pull all the leverage of good together to lowest of low. Many good people, too good maybe-to be here, lose their lives, many innocent souls leave this place, as signal evil reign is stronger.
Good always wins at the end, but the battle seems to be endless. And this particular battle will be certainly the one of incomprehensible implications.


As we witness all the atrocities, Syria is symbolizing it in a very special way. This could be where human heart still beats and where its last beat would be heard. We will see it either this coming months, year, next decade or more, but we all have to understand that what is evolving in front of our eyes, it is preludium to fate of all human race….
…Educate yourself…
” Postol’s key argument is a series of photographs of the crater where the container holding sarin was supposedly air-dropped. He pointed to a photograph of several men inspecting the site, wearing loose clothing and medical gloves.
“If there were any sarin present at this location when this photograph was taken everybody in the photograph would have received a lethal or debilitating dose of sarin,” he wrote. “The fact that these people were dressed so inadequately either suggests a complete ignorance of the basic measures needed to protect an individual from sarin poisoning, or that they knew that the site was not seriously contaminated.”
‘Pretekstem do ataku rakietowego było rzekome użycie przez wojska syryjskie broni chemicznej.  Nie ulega wątpliwości, że jak zawsze, takie i inne akty terroru są inicjowane i sponsorowane przez CIA, w ramach tzw. incydentów „false flag” (
Real reasons why there is war in Syria (as previously Iraq or other ‘regimes’) and why West alliance is sooooo determined to end ‘dictatorships’. The truth of a matter is, west would care less if some Kadafi or Assad were at the power. They have been for years, however, just now West seems to be “distasteful” about this fact.
1. Syria is under no control of IMF (International Monetary Fund or if it is, it is too weak factor in all system). Check Greece, Cyprus or Spain case for comparison.
2. Population of Syria was and is well-informed about NWO and implications of it. Part of reason why so many Syrians get killed in so diversified ways.
3. Syria, and this is of course major reason, is that land of big oil and gas reserves.
4. Syria stands against Syjonism and Israel. This obviously doesn’t serve the interest of power shakers (accusations of Syrian gov. about elimination of Palestinian state)
5. Syria is anti-GMO country (that must really upset big corporates connected with this buisness)
6. Syria recognized double game of USA and its major ally: Saudis “
Read more:
Read additional direct resources:
Must read: David, Ordo ab Chao: Mad Philosophers, Conspiracy and the End of the World
Group Chabad-Lubavith.
Maria Zakharova said, to explain Trump’s victory „you have to talk to Jews living in Brighton Beach NY”, where Russian mafia center is located together with sekt like Chabad Lubavitch.

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