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Ladies and Gentlemen: Enjoy the War.

It seems, as undeniably “big boys” of the world are preparing for yet another devastating and sweeping major world population off the globe surface, war.
It also seems, magically, Poland is being prepared – among others – to carry the title of “battle ground”, as one of Polish army generals has warned Poles about possibility of becoming once more “cannonade meat” to serve interest of few. Poles in general are very aware of it, but politicians act as “happy campers” in joyful reunion with NATO forces, showing off its own national military microscopic abilities.
War Plan
NATO of course seemingly assures about being solid guarantor of world peace and regional stability, when in fact opposite is the case. Old rule shows once again, that impatient humans (only around 10%) need to re-establish world order and to do so, another undertaking of major global conflict is in its final stages.
Public of course is enormously oblivious to these facts, as many people can hardly believe that few reckless “leaders” could perform such vicious and deeply planned execution of their sick mind visions. Yet, history has shown on and on, that is not only the case, but necessity for those, who know very well, that everything is extremely “fluid” in world of politics and finances. Liabilities are fluid as well. And although some of them would be held accountable for their trecious actions, this conflict would hold only few left alive to deal with enormous crime on humanity.
What is at stake? Of course: us. We are the major problem. First of all: it is way too many of us on this planet. “Clean up” process needs to be initiated. Secondly: we have more and more scares natural resources, never evenly distributed, so this creates major humanitarian  crisis repeating like mantra. Thirdly: “boys” need their testosterone injection. No war, no fun.
Many countries in Europe and other parts of the world are now directly exposed to first phase of this extermination without the “firework” blasts or military conflict. But problem grows exceptionally and to solve economical downturn, social distaste and many aligned and too complex to be solved in peaceful way, global problems, we are in the middle of all this scrupulous plan.
It is written down, discussed over and processed. We, as gullible public, are expected to sit down, relax and enjoy the show.
And as many of us don’t give consent to this, it really doesn’t matter. War stage is here and we are about to witness all its acts.

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