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Profit and Money

 “Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue. When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion…when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing…when you see your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you…when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice…you may know that your society is doomed.”
Many people reluctantly represent point of view that money have to have value, when in reality money we use, regardless of currency or it’s base like gold/silver or any other precious metals have no real value….
How does it happen? Best possible way it is explained in when everyone can educate themselves what happens behind greatest of all times money scam among other matrix we created for ourselves.
When Van Gogh was alive, he self-thought himself how to paint, but in process he was forced many times to starve and ask his friends to help him to survive daily life…
How is it, that just around 150 yrs later his legacy is memorized in countless ways and paintings are sold for enormous amount of money? How does it happen that many others, due to time passed or simply ‘their talent’ are finally noticed and becoming increasingly a financial dilemma?
Nothing really has happened during this time. Of course time itself passed and that’s the end of the story… There were just enough smart people out there who used reality enough well to manipulate the fact of arts gaining momentum of steadily growing VALUE.
If we had few street sellers who happened to have same or similar product, usually we find quite aggressive price competition among them. This may lower or raise price accordingly to attract clients and of course lower prices make product selling quicker, but if all have raised instantly to reach certain limit, than we as buyers would be pushed to choose ONLY among one of them.
In reality the NEED creates a VALUE. Value itself is symbolic.  Venus Project
Let’s say we would be self-sufficient, not needing anyone to supply us with anything. Our product demand would equal ‘0’. We would have access to it at no value.
In real life, we don’t stand a chance to be fully self-sufficient, as global systems created already in place wouldn’t allow for it, therefore predictable product market is being created for next generations to come.
Unfortunately to us, many prices (purely symbolic values given to products or services) are artificial, in fact they simply have no real existence.
In nowadays world many people live in debt, many of them commit suicide or become ‘walking zombies’, due to the fact they can not repay anything. Debt is another symbolic “agreement” between two parties to establish if one (borrower) is willing to borrow money for percentage from what is widely common in case of banking system (provider). Banks live off loans, therefore they create debts. Debt is nothing else than DEPENDENCY of one from another. And for the matter of this dependency, one has to sign under specific conditions of another. These conditions can be easily abused.

Debt DOESN’T exist, yet debt takes individual and national freedoms away. It is pact with devil. Once indebted, person becomes a financial hostage. Many of us willingly sign this contract, causing chain of events. Events in which no way can be profitable in any sense to one who receives “monies”.
This world is designed to cause wars, social injustice and to create global sense of insecurity, using simple tool: money. It evolves around this useless, without real value piece of paper. In a name of no existing reality: societies, nations, countries, individuals are subjected to full control they created for themselves. One could ask, where does it end?
 It doesn’t.
 It is endless game of power, staying on top, instead of bottom, it is a cause for major human suffering and misery, yet we seem happily agreed upon conditions.
Insanity of money and systems created around it will never end till idea of enslaved human mind exists.
This is why some of us, find ourselves on streets, others decide not to have family as it is “too expensive”, majority works itself to point of exhaustion, without any joy of life…etc.
Globally, people start facing countless problems and issues connected with something they would never imagine has exactly NO VALUE. These problems have now bigger impact on all of us. These problems connect us same way as internet did and they will again cause chain of events, seemingly destroying human belief in justice and equality or normality of daily life….
Is there anything which has value? Well, all of us can ask ourselves a question WHAT really has value in our life and why these things are usually not priced, maybe just then we start understanding idea behind bigger picture….
What has real value goes usually unnoticed and definitely doesn’t circulate between our hands.

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