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Why Americans think differently than rest of the world?

                                                                              “Americans were given the mental capacity to critically think. Sadly, a vast swath of Americans has chosen ignorance over knowledge. Make no mistake about it – ignorance is a choice. It doesn’t matter whether you are poor or rich”.
In light of many social life aspects, seems like most of Americans don’t grasp idea of having government services provided in wide extend to them. It is quite unusual to see most of the nation to claim, after paying heavy taxes and taking burden of political inactions or bad politics, that it is up to individual or corporate (which could be treated as “little government”) to handle many public services.
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If most of Americans come to this conclusion, in light of logic explanation, as individuals or corporations, they also should run the country themselves as individuals (refer to article) or allow fully for corporates to run it.
Problem however is that most corporates, to avoid US taxation system, simply go abroad or if based in US, they tend to give fatty chunks only to VIP section of their front-runners, forgetting poor, average Joe.
Individuals, as they would have to take matters in their hands and represent the nation, on the other hand, would have to agree, upon common cause for some sort of solution about leadership. Normally in the world this representation is called….government. It suppose to serve people‘s public interest, also including services like healthcare, education, war spending etc.
                                      “Most ignorance is invincible ignorance. We don’t know because we don’t want to know.”
– 3 in 4 families in US nowadays are living from paycheck to paycheck
– small business are being killed and big giants are slowly falling down (Wal-Mart as example)
– Obama care is just another drain on Americans pockets
Americans chose different way of thinking. They feel responsible for their own lives to the painful point, they are willing to pay most costs out of their pockets. In this case, even if unemployed or on welfare, they ought to do the same. It is quite mind-boggling, that lack of basic education can swipe common sense completely.
Yet, it is a reality.
There is a saying “example comes from the top“. Most of the world grasp the idea what ‘top’ means. However Americans are starting to grasp this idea just now.
Like with Brexit, news about Trump’s presidency are simple consequence of Americans fed up with elitism. However, as Americans in majority don’t understand political or social conditioning, this also brings many question marks, how this presidency will affect them, including big probability of internal war on American soil.
Trumpy Americans as voters have proven old known truth, that their leadership choice is direct reflection of themselves. Most of the world sees this choice as utter idiocy and complete degradation of America. Yet, let’s wait for the rest “show must go on”.
In many ways, it proves the brain state of Americans. People who know personally Trump, say in one voice that he is characterized by megalomania, big ego, his only purpose is to win and he is not interested in making others stand good, only himself. And this is what could surface eventually in his presidency.
America is exactly getting what it deserves. However, history will show if the coffin America is put for many years now, is getting final push with last nail or the decaying process is prolonged for substantially longer time.
Till then many Americans will believe in good intentions of next presidential administrations, but now there is also very interesting situation connected with the fact that anger of Americans is growing with every given day. This means, if Trump or Republican party won’t deliver, mob will take the streets and it will not be a pretty sight.
As people all around the world become (seemingly it has a lot to do also with technology) insensitive to each other, it shows, so-called “leaders” of modern world “lead” the example.
Societies get used to fact that one minute we hear about human tragedy and next minute we go to eat dessert or play football. Indifference and insensitivity makes us less human. Will we continue this route? Most of politicians realize the fact they are balancing on very thin line. They know, either mob will smash the deal or they will have to take measures to protect themselves.
Wishing the best for America or should we call it Trumpica?





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