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Changing World

“…How nazism might be zurück….”

“Nazism on the Rise”
From quite interesting insight, we can now look at wider spectrum of what seems to be growing tendency all around the world.
Come back of nazism force.
Although Germans are extremely “sensitive”  on the matter, we must not forget, that unfortunately a history likes to make full circle before taking another damaging blow to human values. And any -isms in nowadays world are on the rapid rise.
Best example exudes U.S of A. Although many people would not see it obvious way, states are very fertile grounds for Nazism philosophy, spreading rapidly across the land.
From perspective of Niklas Frank (son of nazi Hank Frank, who was one of the General Governor occupiers of Polish territory between 1930- 1945), it is likely that nazism will quickly spread, once Germany starts facing economic problems. And likelihood of it is certain.
Hank Frank exterminated many Poles and Jews, plundering Poland’s lands. He was executed in 1946 for his war crimes and his son took up on mission to make people realize how important is to understand one country’s conditioning and its history.
With falling migration policies, self-destroying social and economical attitude, suicidal politicians, Germans feel something is terribly wrong, not just in their land, but many continents. Impossible? Not anymore.
For more evidence:
They also feel more need to express themselves more aggressively in light of political moves, which clearly shows, there is an agenda, which most Germans, as well as other nations, are forced upon.
We know, what can happen in history, when kamikaze political or economical decisions are made and social unstoppable pressure is so feasible. We are leaving in times of upcoming global scale conflict, where normality is not existing anymore.
It is also quite mind-boggling, although not surprising from history point of view, how Germany once more became a European power in years following WWII.
Many of us should gain our knowledge from books and reviews like: (quote) “WAZ” odwołuje się do opublikowanej niedawno książki policjantki Tanii Kambouri pt. „Niemcy na sygnale. Wołanie o pomoc pewnej policjantki” (‘Germans on signal. Police woman calling for help’ insight of German police becoming helpless in face of immigrant attacks).
…and books? There are plenty out there. They are alarming, yet, hardly few hears these alarm bells.                                                                          book1.jpg
Read more: Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung describing the issue….
With growing unrest in many parts of the world, with so many war preparations all around the globe, it is very advisable to look through these realities. As we had them before, there is a certain guarantor, they have a big chance to come to live again.



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