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PP = Political Prostitution

We all know that legal or illegal prostitution is out there, however not many out there realize it is inseparable part of politics. There is saying that politicians in majority are public service prostitutes, only difference is how they price themselves.
We need look no further than in our backyard to see that political prostitutes take over our properties, money, lifestyle and finally our souls at the end. Make no mistake – it is a very sophisticated form of prostitution. Politicians are ready (and not all of them) to sell their services to their Alphons (ref. bankiers, or better yet widely: elites) in return to fruity benefits. There is no secret in the fact, majority of prostitutes get money for their services and make every client demand a reality.
So, for little leftovers from those,who run political prostitute business, here comes reward: mullah. Something whole world is spinning around in joyful paradox of self-indulgence.
Is it worth it? – you might ask.
Apparently it is.
Alternative Facts


Political prostituting is simple in its nature: lie, manipulate and promise; promise, lie and manipulate. Golden rule. In media light and public perception, it is portrayed as: “effort that something is done for good of all of us”
However, facts are fiction and fiction is facts.
Twist the truth or bend it – when necessary. It is for ‘good of all societies living still in dark ages of the knowing’. Nothing more easy.
Today we are having high prostitution profiles everywhere, from banking system all the way to fishing industry. In every aspect of our life, there is more falsehood than ever before.
And money can successfully shut the mouth of those, who might have different idea about reality.
And to bring some examples, let’s look at most recent cases:
  1. Presidential runner: Macron. Young people in France are fed up with their French ‘leadership’ and candidate choices. It is clearly showing they believe in absolutely NOTHING, what politicians represent, regardless right or left or center. Macron brilliantly announced that in his first 90 days of presidency, he will take care of Poland’s misbehaviour in not following rules of European Union. Hipocrisy is chasing another hipocrisy. While many business industries are trying to shift from West Europe towards East (and you may ask why exactly?), Macron indicates he doesn’t like the fact that Poland ‘doesn’t support European values’ and all other accusations, which were already met with smart and sarcastic comments from Polish public. Unfortunately for Macron, Poles still live in country, which is having a chance of survival, while France is downgrading itself and its future looks extremely gloomy. All this propaganda talk is mainly aimed at pointing finger to find a ‘black sheep’ and punish those, who indeed recognize reality from falsehood.
a. Problem of widely introduced global migration. With existing party at the power in Poland, there is no support for so  widely (however not by general public) accepted in West migration, coming in amassed numbers from Africa and Middle East. Poles are accused of being racists and xenophobic (to support this propaganda), therefore there is a lot pressure on Poland to shut its political and economical stand as EU member. Poles indeed have nationalistic approach, however, those who know Poland well, they also recognize that people here got their historical lesson well, remembering consequences of Ottoman Empire invasion and suicidal practice of mult-kulti philosophy, which destroys countries identities and their very roots. Yes, it is indeed a fight for values.
b. Inside Poland there are fractions, which work very hard to show country in extremely bad light and create a feeling of absolute hopelessness. It is even worse than external politics. Ironically enough, many people who used to fight against communism are convinced that there is need for system change (in many cases their source of money is drying out in time of new governing). They are the loudest messangers of opposition to current government to bring a voice that it is simply unacceptable to live in present reality. These folks believe consequently in ‘black marches for human and women rights’, introduction of Euro and undeniably, they would also like the idea of destroying Europe with different culture and mentality.
Paradox follows another paradox, nevertheless lie has to be bigger than life.
So how EU plans to punish countries like Poland? With money and isolation of course. In media Poland is portrayed as country, which has falling political system and absolute chaos in public life. And although many Poles believe or want to believe for their benefit, in this agenda as well, many others know it is just another political tool to not allow for the truth to surface.
Politicians don’t like the truth. It is very uncomfortable and unnecessary element of political life. Although truth is not dispensable, politicians do everything what is in their power, to show us that black is white and white is black.
This prostitution is spreading with such force and speed, that voters or political figures themselves get spinned into spiral of absurd.
      2. Global matters. Tip: whenever you have a country with many economical problems, bet this country will be directly involved in mission to start another global war. For good observer, it is obvious that there are constant plans of power shift and global scale conflicts. There is almost never a time of peace in our history and many countries fall a victim of their politicians actions. Another best example? Germany. With previous painful history, it is very mind-boggling that Germany is trying to shoot itself in the foot and be a starter for another European continental war. Leaders in Germany seem to do everything in their power to end life as we know it in Europe and start a new era of destabilization and social unrest. And it is coming with the big wave. We feel it already. No denying here. This will sweep not only European continent, but many other nations. Dumbfounded masses are involved in this process (as usual) to bring in ‘wind of change’ and nothing can stop it. Public watches in disbelief in what direction it is going, but it still gets news in major stream media, that world needs to adjust, be more ‘proactive and tolerant, more acceptable’ and so on. Persuasive brainwashing takes place every single day and although we are witnessing more and more cases of reckless political prostitution in average people’s life, we still sleep deeply in reality, which is about to take a very nasty turn.
We can multiply these examples.With no end. Point made is that we are in the game of few to benefit these few and to sacrifice the rest.
All, in the name of big, fat lie. As always.



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