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Changing World


It doesn’t matter if you are a believer or not. There are many predictions out there which of course shape in accordance to our will as humans. However, if humans think destructive way, destruction is inevitable.
It seems far too many predictions or visions have come through already and far too many clairvoyant people have warned almost with the same picture in their mind. The image repeats in most predictions, although humans may envision same or other periods of time similar in their historical consequence.
The most supported by apocalyptic claims is of course Bible, which in extremely symbolic way describes process of apocalypse as well.
The theme follows always few patterns: nuclear weapon (fire element), short war (possible chemical/biological warfare as well), mass death, big waters coming into lands (first Spain and Italy, south of Europe) and finally geopolitical changes like EU break-up, shifting consciousness of humans, not just individuals, political leaders who would be least expected in public arena etc….
However we should all pay attention to how present times shape our future, as this is one single predictor something huge is “hanging in the air”.
WW3 has begun according to many, although it has very different stages, and finally culminating most likely with nuclear blasts, triggering biggest powerful countries attacking each other or facing major changes and finally and most significantly: upcoming mass terror attacks which will change Europe (mostly) and rest of the world forever.
This could lead of course to public protest and revolt on scale never seen before, resulting in governments spiral fall to nonexistence.
All these events could be preluded or followed by natural catastrophes, occurring in such frequency and magnitude, that millions people would be affected at the same moment.
To many believers, we have little time left as apocalypse shows all its faces in current times.
To many non-believers it is another hoax which has aim at feeding on people’s fear and stupidity. Time will show. We need only to remember that past events are predictors of future ones and from the global stage we are now on, a pretty picture is not emerging.
According to astrologers, we just entered – starting 2017 – into 4 yr dynamic shift in human history. This will end up by the end of 2020 by special planetary event which will mark new era. However 2017 is a year of rooster. Year of aggression, mass protests, massive (on never seen scale) natural and human events and happenings, which will shake up completely our way of life.




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