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Changing World

Blue Collar Class and Politics

Why do people still vote and choose governments which fail them continously?
There is now wide debate in majority of global population about credibility of political world. People intuitionally feel that their interests are flashed down the drain and politicians have an empty laugh, watching their perfectly orchestrated masquerade alongside with bankers and other elites, playing out so successfully in front of dumbed down masses.
There are many definitions of mass, which means us, average Joe Smith is portrayed as “human trash, idiots, fresh meat, populistic naivity representants, human plague” just to name few. Every day, Joe is expected to pay his share of hard-earned money to “common pot”. No one is asked how justified this is and where money go. Never mind if Joe would agree for his donation to own country to support new infrastructure, better working conditions etc. No politicians will ask working class for permission of way to spend its money. By statistical estimate, in major countries, most of this money go to military and other “security systems”. System also forces the average citizen to agree to this terms, apart from elite which pays nothing. If you make comparison of money being earned vs. how much you would have to pay back to your country system, in majority countries, it is around 40-50% of your money. This means, simply put, you work, at least half of your work life…for free.
About populism, economical and social consequences etc. = great insight on things by Noam Chomsky:
But masses seem to just blindly agree to it. No one comes to streets and loudly exclaim it makes no sense whatsoever. Even more, gullible voters go to voting polls, again and again, choosing a “better and alternative candidate”, who always promises easier outcomes to working classes.
Let alone promises and let’s concentrate on these numbers.
The numbers in taxes are actually bigger than half and below illustrates very well what is happening: (includes chart)
European Tax system
However, to add all the taxes one must also compare regional differences and other factors, depending on country’s political and social conditions.
On Europe.         burnout
Very good example comes from Germany. For the starter: Germans have to pay so-called ‘solidarity tax’. You might ask, what is it? In simple terms it is a tax, which was introduced when East Germany was rebuilding its efforts to become a free state after post-soviet era. Although nowadays East Germany is doing as well as West, it doesn’t matter – Germans pay this tax without eye-blink.
Greece would be just another example. One could say, it is possibly best to spend all your working days in Bulgaria or Belarus, but other factors come to play when speaking of quality of life and overall “enjoyment rate”.
To have a bigger picture of what is happening around the globe, you can of course compare these charts with others: this also would explain huge migration plan and other unpredictable consequences of demographics, which in some parts of the world are on the raise and in some are in decline.



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