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Asylum Paradox and War

” It is not that terrorism is so strong, it is that our ways of life are too weak to respond to it in the right way…”
Widely discussed in Europe and elsewhere matter of asylum for, called by many politicians, ‘war victims’ starts ricocheting badly in European countries.
As once said: it is not that terrorism is so strong, it is that our ways of life are too weak to respond to it in the right way. (link)
There are many problems with people who represent certain ideologies, but it is only the peak of the mountain of underlying huge issues.
What is not said and discussed in public sector, is the fact that people are usually carriers of these ideologies, given the right conditions and laws, which are not favoring well-being of all nations, but rather choosing private interest of certain groups (more explanation in below chapters)
What does it mean? Since ages, if it was not Catholic church, it could be as well represented by many fractions of different religions, which caused century based havoc in our lives, by implementing certain rules or obligatory way of life, from Inquisition  movement through terror groups like IRA or latest most heated in its nature Islamic State threat.
Only few voices started recently to voice out publicly a problem with political policies and favoritism of certain groups over another in our societies. Manchester, London, Brussels, Paris – as list is long – are directly linked to the fact that some leaders decided for the majority of their nations to assimilate different cultures and religious convictions. And no matter how many voices would deny this fact, calling it racist, nazi like, against immigrants policies etc. the reality is, there is simply and sadly no peaceful solution to putting together certain religious backgrounds and cultural upbringing.
Why do we have this problem? Because we represent very different vision of life under these ideologies and this is why religious or cultural and social issues come to life when we face each other in loud existential war.
As an excellent example: German lifestyle has changed dramatically only within few last years, driving Nazism tendencies and overall discontent with any immigration whatsoever, from similar or other cultural circles. Rooted in their culture Germans were conditioned for post WWII years to NOT demonstrate or show any form of -ism, as it has legal and other social consequences under German law. However, that doesn’t stop many, who live in Germany from generation to generation, to become increasingly angry and fearful of their and their children future. Germany is just a perfect example of favoritism, where immigrant groups – on base of asylum status – receive many free social incentives, state support and so on; while typical, rooted and born in citizens have to pay hefty taxes for these practices. German system holds the title to an inevitable future of collapsing under current circumstances, but in German media, these issues are rarely mentioned or questioned.
From personal perspective, many of so-called ‘assimilating immigrants’ voice out antagonistic feelings against German way of life and some angrily claim they are subject to many different forms of discrimination. When asked, would these migrants want to contribute to German way of life, in majority their response is: they have no need or will to do so (having free support) and voice out their lack of cultural or religious belonging to old German traditions, not even mentioning language barriers they face. First hand experience has shown, many look into possibility of migrating for better money situation, but not considering work or lifestyle assimilation and expecting rather full approval for religious and cultural practices, regardless if natives give to it green light or not.
It is portrayed in general terms, but given how failing system is designed, this agenda only supports those claims and lack of any sort of assimilation or integration, whichever way one would want to call it.
On top of it, religious aspects become a strong argument of excuse for those who represent Muslim population. In practice, when Ramadan takes place, many of Muslims feel they should not attend any school activities, work places etc. due to religious nature of their practices. And Islamic way of life slowly takes over so-called ‘German way of life’. This includes religious concerns, judicial matters and endless and ongoing list of social conditions. Going back to religious aspects of growing frustration and anger among native societies, we need to understand historical background of all these paradoxes.
Previously Catholic church could implement many devastating activities over simple faith matter, which we choose to represent. Nowadays we deal with much longer lasting and life taking ideology, which is spreading like cancer because of very basic and usual conditions: feel of insecurity among especially young generation faced with many financial, existential and identity problems to name just few.
Why do we see so many young recruiters for ISIS, you may ask? Answer is above.
Why do we have constant and regular targeting of public spaces, tourism location and public gatherings? Why so many lives are taken? Simply to spread the fear and feeling of instability. And unfortunately many of us choose to now put our heads in the sand, without acknowledging how our lives are about to change completely. Not just in Europe, but elsewhere. We are looking for answers in very wrong places, asking every time when and why attacks like the one in Manchester  may happen again. We sustain to be stupid in our convictions for ignorance of this problem. And problem grows with each given day to monstrous size.
While West is in general favor of accepting incoming masses of Flüchtlinge (due to widely accepted propaganda that multi-culti societies are beneficial and solve future related ongoing issues), Eastern European countries represent completely opposite view on uncontrollable immigration.
Is it derived from the fact Eastern Europeans are hateful towards immigrants and their philosophy of life? Possibly partially yes (in small percentage), but mainly it is a historical memory of unsuccessful in its nature, so-called ‘integration‘ under one national roof of many different religions and cultural backgrounds. Whether some of them may be similar in the nature, other cultural circles simply can not mingle with each other.
Political elites however seem to forget about it. They forget this fact so successfully, that on every corner, we have now examples of life lost and personal tragedies playing out in bigger spectrum. Social media also blasts these facts, however German voters seem to be generally overall happy with status quo.



In Western media (in majority) issue of exclaimed loudly ‘assimilation‘ of cultural changes happening in Europe represents ‘new spirit of times‘, praising multi-cultural communities and widely accepted social differences. However, average citizen of old European countries is scared and petrified, raising his/her children in atmosphere of fear and denial for differences. Some exceptions are introduced to calm down slowly panicking rooted long-lived citizens of countries, among who, some start realizing, they became part of very complex and manipulative political game.
Best example exists in countries like France or Germany, where political correctness is more important, than growing phobia among citizens, who simply view Islam and Muslimification of Europe as greatest single threat to identity of the country, regardless, if it has something to do with extremism or not. Yet, Eastern Europeans seem to understand wider context of this situation and act in face of growing social unrest and cultural issues.
However, in majority media (as mentioned above) are instructed to portray migration exodus as very helpful and eye-opening experience, which can define irreversibly future of the whole Europe. Many nations in Europe got sarcastically trapped in the propaganda of multi-culti philosophy and widely advertised cultural assimilation.
Few countries however don’t swallow this hypocrisy and their politicians loudly express concerns of how European Union operates overall in light of uncontrollable immigration masses flowing endlessly to old continent.
The truth lies in the middle. The facts are more obvious than words of politicians, which try to assure their nations, that future of Europe is brighter with mass immigration of culturally very different people. Arguments that this leads to eventual social and cultural catastrophe, ending in physical and extremely devastating religious war, seem to be not a big concern to many political leaders and establishments. Especially those of an older date, as they will may be lucky ones not to face dire consequences of their decisions.
Agenda of Islamization is a long-term plan, which eventually will colonize Europe, same way Europeans once colonized others. It is orchestrated and well paid project, in which certain classes of people receive hefty financial rewards. Historical irony is at its doorsteps and national mental dystrophy reached its peaks in many countries. Europe is dying, not because of demographics, but because of bad management and greedy business.
Although Easter European countries are defending themselves from EU directives and penalty threats for not admitting certain quotas of ‘immigrants’, same countries realize fight is simply prolonged and question of their existence is under question mark in a long run.
Exaggerated statement?
From direct experience of many citizens, this propaganda is threatening the very way of life and existence of old continent. If someone got convinced that mixing certain cultures is a good idea, he or she will soon discover, how deadly in nature this idea is. However there is no turning back and many voters will decide about their future and future of next generations, which will have to pay highest price of blind and arrogant political correctness of their leaders.
Leader of Polish party PiS, Kaczynski, has put this in quite simple words: ‘we must defend ourselves in front of European Justice Tribunal, which forces us to accept social dissolution and cultural catastrophe’.
However Western Europe leaders seem not worry too much about future and predictable at this stage catastrophic consequences.
Best example, quoted by so many Muslims themselves, is the fact that Finland admitted 100 ‘immigrants’ and presently has 18,000 as effect of birth rate and family relatives being brought directly after first wave.
(…) ‘If we had to accept this ratio, only in Poland, we would have to admit 1.2 mln immigrants and process of their so-called assimilation would be not only unsuccessful, but would ultimately lead to aggression acts and repressions connected with them. Final effect? Poles would be called nazis or other epithets to describe their lack of favoritism for so different in shape and form cultures’
This paradox exists already and is very rooted in German reality, where media are instructed to use specific language and not to use certain terms which could lead to more social awaking. Many Germans would have to face a choice between political correctness and true feelings and many choose convenient silence or lack of reaction. Some Germans dramatically try to demonstrate or voice out their concerns, however then, they would have to face judicial and social consequences of their statements.
What are we facing in a long-term? Bad news. Literally for all of us and no matter how loving and accepting we are, we need to remember that history has tought us too many times before, how dramatic certain social, financial, cultural and many other decisions can be.
Would you choose rather political correctness or worry more how drastically quality of your life will change in coming years? Simple example of social support for all incoming masses of people is enough explanatory and forms recipe to countries collapse. On every level.
Some say France doesn’t exist anymore and countries like Germany or Sweden are on their way to complete cultural and social extinction. One could say, that Europe needs it because of dying demographics. It stands the point, but only when same cultural circles of immigrants, whether from war zones or not, are welcome to stay in foreign lands. When we have Islam face and Christianity traditions combined, then we have to understand that end is near.

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