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Radicalization of Europe

According to Dziewulski, Specialist in fight with terrorism: Fear in Europe has reached such a level today, terrorists dreamed of. They want to subdue society. And this can only be done with the help of fear…. the level of risk in Europe, on scale of 1 to 10, it is 9.5″
We have now unprecedented killing spree not through hands of terrorists, but average public, which provoked by any related or not-related terrorism activities, goes automatically into panic mode. Best example?
Tragedy in Turin. “In Turin, during the Champions League final, 1,500 people were injured. There was no assassination, panic was enough to ignite the problem.
“There was total chaos. Just something like boom of firecrackers or fireworks. And the crowd started off. People screamed, pushed, fell down. The outbreak of panic in the crowd at Piazza Saint Carlo brought a bloody harvest. These events – the coup and the panic of the crowd – are definitely more than it seems. In Turin, ordinary people became the tool in the hands of terrorists.
In American media and all over the world, conviction is that people would never surrender to these tactics. Chosen ones who choose the dark side of the power are in minority. But the fact of terror spreading like disease is undeniable. Fear tactic is always far more dangerous than minorities vs. majorities. Example? It is enough to mention Hitler who took charge as individual of masses. He promised, he used fear and he has been successful in exterminating millions.
In people minds fear plays specific role. Those in charge know how easily masses can be controlled. Fear from lack of money all the way to basic instinct fear. All forms of fear are in spectrum to subdue masses.
The ironic parody of all situation is, politicians first invite this fear into our life, then actions are undertaken to prevent the fear from spreading too much however, these techniques are failing.
Amount of resources need to counter any attack are simply tied to taxpayers and system weakening with every single incident. People are shocked, sustain in disbelief, watch others going into post trauma stage, finally to witness all types of encounters, who were directly involved, if they were lucky enough to survive.
Following, we have families grieving, communities questioning safety, post factum ingeration (police and other forces reaction to incidents) and finally whole societies viewing political decisions as catastrophe in now every aspect of life.
Raising level from orange to red or providing more police on the streets won’t solve one bit of terrorist strategy. Raising physical war or “ear for ear, eye for eye” tactic will work a short-term. If anyone would use brain here it is educating public (again and agin) of how to prevent and respond in case of these acts. Most importantly is to hold accountable all leaders who caused problem in the first place and stopping political decisions which hurt in long run public life.
Sad reality is that only few see the need for it. Although it is not what we want to teach kids in schools, it is reality we brought upon ourselves.
We have now mess. We have life loss and social anger. We have growing issues with cyber security explored now havly by terrorists. We have Isis state searching for ways to get access to deadly on huge scale weapons….List goes on.
However societal leadership is in deep denial of facts. Political leaders prefer spending taxpayers money to battle unsuccessfully these attacks and radicalization of youth. These still happen, however, right answers are not sought. Recently PM Theresa May announced: “enough is enough” and how exactly is she going to counter this problem? By shutting all social media down? By telling people not to go to major public events, by putting police on each street corner, by closing borders? How countries like Germany, Holland and nearly all Western Europe is going to avoid problem when they have home-born terrorists.
West Europe acquired ‘integration’ and ‘assimilation’ of people who are extremely different culturally from European background. These people, although not in majority represent now frustration and disgust with West world war and political moves harming local interest. And when local business seems to be in danger, the whole world is exposed to instability.
West Europe got it all wrong. Borders and police or special forces won’t stop terrorists. Once counter tactic will create counter reaction. It is a mouse-cat game, where the mouse is public and system. Cat is on the hunt.
Should we integrate and assimilate? It is not a question of racism issue, it is a question of national security and well-being of all of us. We have to choose between understanding of social conditioning in many other countries and need for helping. Help is required in need situations, but only help which strategically support all sides involved.
Europe in this light has a major problem. Apart from attacks happening very frequently, judicial, political and social systems are compromised by Islamic way of life.
  1. Swedish judicial system has no judicial power over Islamic law in Sweden and/or ignores jurisdiction involving abroad cases.
  2. UK favorism of Muslim population in court cases.


To compromise one social group over the other is to have a recipe for disaster. Global disaster.







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