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Holocaust of Europe

Political correctness is over. For those who still support idea of defending Islamization of Europe or pity political excuses of terror attacks described as ‘incidents’, they will soon have to face much bigger problem. Their own existential threat and their children lack of future in normalized society.
It is mind-boggling how many people find statements of Polish PM B. Szydło about one of Nazi concentration camps so disturbing as they state: ‘Auschwitz is the lesson, which should teach us how to protect our citizens’. So many out there react to these words as this is ‘new low of politics’ and so on, forgetting simple connection between history and nowadays times. Yes, these statements could be successfully direct link to recent Islamization of Europe as new holocaust of Europe, just in case someone is missing the point here.


And it is right, duty and life call for responsible politicians to make this connection, as when next holocaust happens, none of those loud mouth, with so-called ‘political correctness’, will be yelling out anymore these sort of opinions.
Are there unjustified situations out there, which target innocent Muslims or Islam followers? Of course. Most recent example of the girl being bullied as she is of half-Arab, half-Polish descent, being attacked only because of her skin color and willingness of answering that she doesn’t believe in Christian God. There are many examples of those who get targeted, as the effect of Islamophobia or blind religious following. But society doesn’t choose anymore, who is good and bad in these circumstances. Society is based on broad look at events unfolding in front of its eyes and these events are indicating nothing good coming along the way (and you don’t need to be an Einstein to figure it out on your own).
We have butchery in extremism determination and ‘peaceful’ birth ratio implementation of Islam in old cultures and traditions of Europe, which seems to be not problematic, especially for Western Europe leaders, who praise endless ‘assimilation’ and ‘integration’.
But political ignorance can bring only one outcome. We have seen throughout the ages how seemingly ‘good people’ got brainwashed by religious propaganda. Regardless of religion directives. All crusades or Ottoman invasions would be just a starter example. Those who know a little bit history, know how this ‘assimilation’ and ‘integration’ and open or hidden invasion can end up. A little bit educating willingness and all puzzles come together in one piece. However, we can not expect from modern politics too much of intelligence or honesty, especially in light of funded terrorism.
And that would be one, most single important question of all: “Who, in reality (not in hypothetical theories) be a major funder(s) of extremism and peaceful colonization of Europe and rest of the world?
As we have many sponsors of so-called Islamic State, only few seem to ask a question, how is it possible: only specific countries get targeted, while others are left completely untouched. Does it ring any bell in empty and ignorant heads of ours?
We all are so tolerant and welcoming nowadays, we forget historical conditioning. Never mind mentality or cultural or (the most important) religious differences, which, oh yes, do exist and do hurt. Indirectly and directly.
Just in case, we witness ourselves another ‘incident’, we should ask ourselves a question, how long can it go on till no-return tipping point?
So called infidels are being punished for buying and drinking beer or wearing too short skirts. Justice or other systems are slowly being subjected to Sharia or similar law regulations, but again – nothing seems alarming enough. Not mentioning some of ‘infidels’ are now being convinced by peaceful ‘god followers’, they should follow rules of Ramadan in countries like Germany or France. For now, we still don’t face open religious war, but it is lurking behind the corner. And what do we do exactly to stop it?
Nothing… We follow. We get upset, angry and we seem to be confused. Confused by our self-denial abilities.
Only reactions we have are: getting scared, intimidated, feeling threatened and asking ourselves a question: ‘is it still ok to go to public event, without thinking of being ‘accidentally’ blown up or run through with big truck?? And we are instructed by our great leadership through zombie media, that maybe we should: ‘get used to these attacks’. Should we also applaud them additionally – happening on daily or hourly basis – if preferable….???
I wrote not so long ago another article:
Stupidity ultimately will kill us all…and sadly, there is no doubt about it.
Political correctness is over, as now we are facing much bigger reality, than we could expect: our own ignorance and stupidity about factual reality around us.
It is recommended to get educated and stop being so compliant with everything around. It is time to still see people for who they are and respect them for their good doings, but be also aware, that certain societal conditions can not be met, no matter how tolerant, giving, sharing and multi-culti, we want to be.
Unless, most of us want to become martyrs and, for the record: it wouldn’t be the first time in our almighty history of human deception.



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