kNOWledge is the poWEr

Changing World

Human Extinction

Parallel with the extinction of bees and many other aspects of our life, it is enough for life on earth to end faster than any war would limit or end it in near time. There are number of believers in extraterrestrial civilizations, that seemingly have ended same way. The mechanism of extinction is always the same. Everything circles around raw materials of given planet, which from dawn of any civilization history become the prey of those who are ruled by pure desire of wealth and endless possession of these materials. In our case: paper money, coins (no matter what) and tools of financial system, inevitably lead us to self-extermination.
Our civilization or any other before or after ours – regardless of the form of life represented – are unable to control this lust. It is so strong that it will kill every form of life. And this is one single principle any reader of this article needs to pay attention to. Few privileged will benefit across generational life, most of us will pay the price for their greed and control of our life on this planet. This vicious circle never ends. As long as the form of life exists, there is also the form of its extermination, because there is no such advanced civilization (including ours) that does not rely on such premises and principles. If such civilization has already existed, it would successfully overtake ours or other existing form of life, given the potential it presents.
Desires, lusts, primitive emotions that we are submitted to, ultimately bring us to final game of extinction.
Those who resist such forms of self-destruction, no matter in which number they sustain, are annihilated. The law of stronger and access to raw materials used to enrich them, gives ultimate end of time.
The ability to learn surviving tactic determines if we can overcome it.

There are bitter words, but after so many observations and written articles, there is no doubt, that we are too ignorant of own history and too stupid in our ability of comprehension, to oversee consequences of our endless ‘want more and more’ mentality. We also don’t grasp ways to replenish lost sources of our sustainability.
We are on the leash of corporates ruling our lives, following principles of ‘high purposes’, just to discover that there is no such thing like ‘save the world principal’ over the profit. We are tought by our generational conditioning to believe that money is the only answer to problems, that financial system can be justified and bring balance. We are told to submit to this ideology and follow it blindly. We whine and moan in disbelief, seeing butchery in Syria, seeing own butchery from jihadist groups, observing sand or oil mafia taking our lands and properties away…. We continue to pay taxes to fix the system, just to discover, most of the money serve ruling class, living us in slams of disheartened life where mothers cry over children lost and where machines consequently replace us. Without access to water, balanced environment or living among terror groups, we don’t have guts and normalized system of values to stop it, because we have been conditioned to destroy ourselves. We lament, as of why in XXI c. these events happen, yet we don’t get mentioned above principle.
When tragedies touch us directly, suddenly we realize how big lie we live in, but mechanism to stop our anger, frustration and resistance is in place. It has been designed to stop freeing ourselves from all these mental chains. We live on this planet till it’s too late and we live it same way like many civilizations before us, which didn’t survive. Only few bright minds propose changes and solutions, but greed and profit ultimately shuts down any effort to accomplish development. Raw materials are always drained to its last biomolecular. Water source, sand, oil, gas and any known form of life sustainability, which we could utilize according to different rules, are becoming a tool in hands of few, who decide about our fate.
Above movie are just an example of how extinction of our civilization can play out.



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