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Factual Yankism

1. According to the study, which was recently conducted, only 36% of all US citizens can name three branches of government.
2. Only 25% of Americans know for how long are elected US senators (6 years), and 20% of all Americans know how many senators.
3. More than half of the US population are singles.
4. One in ten teenage girls in the United States is involved in harming themselves. Most forms of this activity is cutting and scorching.
5. Currently, 30 million US citizens are on antidepressants.
6. Americans make up approx. 5% of the global population, and buy more than half of all drugs in the world. According to a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, nearly 70% of all US citizens take at least one prescription drug, and nearly 20% of Americans are taking at least five such drugs.
7. In NYC trade and heroin intake is highest in twenty years.
8. Among all of all the industrialized countries, US citizens are the most obese, Mexico is in second place.
9. In 1962, only 13% of Americans were obese, according to a study 42% of Americans could be obese in 2030.
10. 70% of US citizens do not feel involved in or inspired by their work.
11. 40% of all Americans earnings are less than a worker with a minimum salary of full-time in 1968.
12. It’s hard to believe, but 54% of all US citizens is under “subprime credit” (credit for people who may have problems with repayment schedule).
13. The US has the largest number of lawyers per capita in the world and highest rate of those behind bar. Who pays for it? Guess.
14. According to one shocking study: each day 22 military veterans commit suicide.
15. The number of suicides has exceeded the number of road accidents as the number one “accidental death” in the US.
16. The number of children who died during abortion each year in states is roughly equal to the number of soldiers who have died in all wars in which the United States participated. The US has the highest rate of abortions in the whole western world.



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